JULABO USA Waives Virtual Delivery Fee to Support Customers on the Front Line

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JULABO USA Waives Virtual Delivery Fee to Support Customers on the Front Line

JULABO USA, Inc. announced last month that it is waiving its virtual delivery (vDelivery) fee for the foreseeable future while more labs are in need of service support during these unprecedented times due to the effects COVID-19 has had on the nation.

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“As more and more labs are under increasing pressure to respond to the growing demands in scientific research, we realized it was our responsibility to help them get up and running more quickly and efficiently,” said Ralph Juchheim, JULABO USA’s President.

The vDelivery service provides personalized, remote service expertise for equipment installation, set-up, and limited operator training. vDelivery allows JULABO USA to connect its service technicians to customers using well-known smart technologies.

In addition, JULABO USA will be offering expert support through its partnership with augmented reality enterprise software market leader Atheer, Inc. Launched in May 2019, LucaVision powered by Atheer has become an integral part of JULABO USA’s service offerings portfolio. Atheer echoed its support, offering unlimited licenses for their own customers, at no cost, until the end of June 2020.

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In fact, Atheer has seen a significant jump in usage from a number of key customers since the impact of COVID-19 started to be felt. Porsche Cars North America, for example, reported this week that the use of its Atheer-based platform has jumped by 300 percent.