Joget Launches Redesigned Marketplace to Accelerate No-Code/Low-Code Applications, Plugins and Solutions for Digital Transformation

Joget Inc today announced the release of a redesigned Joget Marketplace for the Joget DX open source no-code/low-code application platform. The Joget Marketplace redesign enables customers, partners and third-party innovators to easily leverage new applications, plugins and solutions to address their digital transformation needs. A wide range of products, ranging from healthcare apps for contact tracing to workflow management apps for a remote workforce, are available for immediate use or customization.

Joget aims to open the Joget Marketplace soon for partners to release solutions for various verticals. The Joget Marketplace will also enable third-party or individual innovators with industry expertise to create end-to-end solutions to address market gaps. Industry insiders are now positioned to leverage low-code platforms to showcase and benefit from their business knowledge and expertise.

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“We strongly believe that open source and low-code platforms are for everyone, and encourage anyone with domain knowledge to create their own business applications to generate value,” said Julian Khoo, Vice President of Product Development at Joget Inc. “The need to accelerate digital transformation is critical in the new normal. Low-code platforms like Joget now bring new opportunities for our customers, partners and innovators.”

“At Joget we understand that our customers and partners need to be ahead of the pace of change, and the Joget Marketplace is our effort to facilitate that,” said Raveesh Dewan, CEO of Joget Inc. “Open source is at its best when we create an ecosystem around it and Joget Marketplace further extends the ecosystem for our community. We are very excited to release the redesigned Joget Marketplace and will accelerate our investment to continuously grow it according to customer, partner and community demands.”