Jama Software® and Sparx Systems Enrich Best-of-breed Tools Integration to Enhance Live Traceability™ Across Systems Development

Jama Software® and Sparx Systems Enrich Best-of-breed Tools Integration to Enhance Live Traceability™ Across Systems Development-01

Jama Software®, the leading requirements management and traceability solution provider, has partnered with Sparx Systems to release a native integration between Enterprise Architect through Pro Cloud Server and Jama Connect®.

Jama Software’s industry-leading platform helps organizations manage requirements with Live Traceability™ through the systems development process for proven cycle time reduction and quality improvement. Sparx Systems is a leading integrated modeling and collaboration platform aimed at creating, sharing, and verifying models as a reference for building complex systems.

The seamless integration provides a real-time synchronous connection to the Enterprise Architect repositories. Users can work on the same model, at the same time, from anywhere in the world. Teams using a model-based systems engineering (MBSE) approach are provided an integration into another best-of-breed tool while maintaining Live Traceability within Jama Connect.

Live Traceability between Jama Connect and Enterprise Architect provides systems engineers, business analysts and software developers with real-time visibility between requirements and system models, enabling:

  • Instant access to view Jama Connect requirements and properties without leaving Enterprise Architect.
  • The ability to selectively create links between model elements and requirements
  • Seamless participation in the comment stream across tools
  • The creation of new model elements directly within Jama Connect
  • Bi-directional synchronization of changes
  • Simple and efficient setup and administration

This holistic approach will reduce the amount of iteration on requirements that take place in siloed tool environments as well as reduce the risk associated with manual efforts associated with tracing between disconnected tools.

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The integration between Jama Connect and Enterprise Architect is a significant addition to Jama Connect’s best-of-breed ecosystem that is not only unique but essential for achieving Live Traceability across the systems development lifecycle,” stated Tom Tseki, Jama Software’s Chief Revenue Officer. “Jama Software’s ecosystem of connected best-of-breed tools continues to expand and the Requirements Traceability Alliance members are committed to interoperability across the entire system development toolchain.”

“This first release of the Jama Connect integration for Enterprise Architect further cements Sparx’s commitment to integrate, harmonize, and work with industry leading tools in the modeling and design space,” stated Geoffrey Sparks, CEO at Sparx Systems. The Jama Connect Integration ensures the many modelers currently using our respective tool suites can share modeling and design info in a way that plays to the strength of each tool and seamlessly accelerates development. It has been a pleasure working with the Jama Software team and being able to bring this capability to our users and we look forward to future developments building upon this first release.”

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