Jack Ma Makes Light of the Global Trade Tension

Jack Ma, Global Trade

Speaking at the Viva Technology conference in Paris, Jack Ma sounded just like a business tycoon, and a witty politician. Anything, but a teacher who became a billionaire.

Jack Ma boasts that China does not have ‘rules and laws’ for the internet, and that could be a reason for its rapid growth. “We don’t have the rules and laws,” he said about his country. “Most government officials, they don’t know how to make rules and laws for the internet because nobody realizes what internet looks like. So that leaves us a chance to grow fast.”

“Europe … very interesting,” he continued. “You have such a culture of rules and laws. Everything you do, let us follow the rules and laws. In addition, everyone thinks about, they start to worry. And when you start to worry, you start to make rules and laws. When we have problems, we start to solve the problems. Then think about the rules and laws. … So, I worry about Europe. I worry about the worries of Europe.”

He also insisted that Chinese are successful because they work harder, “If Jack Ma and his team can be successful, 80% of the world can be successful,” he said. He appeared to have no doubts about the rise of the dragon in the business space globally. “Twenty years ago, you talk about China,” he said. “How can China compete with America? How can China compete with Europe? Twenty years later, people worry about China, I think, ‘Wow, I did not know we were that powerful?’”

In addition, he seemed to have nothing against the negative effects of AI that is being so widely publicized today. His company, AliBaba, he said,  is using AI effectively to combat fraud and theft on its platform. You worry, ‘Oh, we don’t have the solution for artificial intelligence! Oh, it is going to destroy a lot of things, human life!’” he preached. “Let me tell you about artificial intelligence. We, AliBaba, are using it to arrest and catch a lot of thieves. … We are using artificial intelligence to catch bad guys.”

The speech was so gung-ho, it seemed to be designed to take worries of the international communities on the escalating situation between us and China.

All is well!!

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