IT Solutions Provider AppGreat Confirms Collaboration with Google

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IT Solutions Provider AppGreat Confirms Collaboration with Google

AppGreat, a fast-rising provider of advanced IT solutions, announced that it joined the Google Cloud Partner Program after meeting all the requirements set out by the organization and demonstrating competency in its core areas of expertise.

The agreement is the latest addition to AppGreat’s strategic portfolio, alongside the likes of eCommerce giant Shopify, web security leaders Reblaze and distributed database experts RavenDB.

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AppGreat focuses on providing a range of IT services to clients in various verticals. These include native mobile transformation – converting HTML5-based mobile apps to full native mobile iOS and Android solutions – web development including engineering, scripting, security and privacy configuration, and the construction of master data management systems to foster cross-organizational knowledge sharing.

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The company also offers cloud migration services, ensuring the smooth transfer of data and applications from on-premises storage to the cloud or between platforms, architecture consultancy including the strategic mapping and optimization of system and software components for enhanced operational efficiency, and SDLC transformation, comprising product development and project management to maximize R&D capacity throughout the life cycle.

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