Iron Mountain Launches Campaign To Strengthen Its Role In Digital Transformation In Brazil

Iron Mountain launches campaign to strengthen its role in digital transformation in Brazil

In the year in which it turns 70, Iron Mountain, a global leader in data storage and management and process simplification, launches the campaign “Walking with Companies for the Future” simultaneously in Brazil and in the other countries of Latin America where it has a presence: Argentina , Chile , Colombia, Peru and Mexico.

The objective is to reinforce the purpose of being a strategic partner for companies in the face of the growing demand from different sectors for better, complete and more modern solutions, within an increasingly digital reality.

The campaign highlights the new brand, which renews the original symbol, which represents the company’s birthplace, an iron mine inside a mountain, in 1951, in the state of New York .

The new symbol has three transparent layers, which represent the company’s relationship with its customers, as well as the ease of access to corporate assets, physical or digital, which are under the protection of Iron Mountain. The campaign pieces show that the company can support its customers in the challenges of the market, help them climb ‘mountains’ and challenges with global expertise and technology.

In 2020, the company was able to meet all the needs of its customers, with the offer of complete solutions, facing the need for remote access to documents, release of properties, to make business more agile.

In this way, Iron Mountain consolidated its leadership position, being recognized as the trusted partner of its customers, which promotes the optimization of its processes and the digitization of information.

“Because of our expertise, many companies that are in our 5,000-client base have started using our solutions to accelerate the migration of their assets to the digital environment. It is not by chance that 40% of the new 2020 projects were for digital solutions. “, says Orlando Souza , president of Iron Mountain Brasil.

History and experience

Iron Mountain has 70 years of experience in guarding and protecting valuable documents and assets from thousands of companies, including the largest in the world. This is possible because, although the company was born as a storage company, it has constantly evolved in partnership with its customers, with innovation in its DNA.

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The company uses the accumulated knowledge to provide a complete portfolio of solutions, from the physical to the digital world, in order to understand the demands of each client and help simplify its processes, with solutions available even for small and medium-sized companies.

“We are a global specialist, we can bring our expertise and knowledge of customer data to help them simplify processes and accelerate their digital transformation, which expands the brand value”, says Orlando Souza .

Iron Mountain’s services range from simplifying secure data management and storage, through digitization as well as LGPD-compliant destruction to data center and cloud storage.

Operating segments

With solutions for different areas, Iron Mountain helps customers of different segments and sizes to reduce costs and risks, comply with regulations (such as LGPD) and move more quickly and safely towards digital transformation (according to ISO 27001 , which guarantees excellence in information security management). For this reason, the company invests in cutting-edge technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning .

In the Health area, for example, Iron Mountain unites medical records and provides secure access to hospital data, which facilitates the management of the flow of care and minimizes the risk of loss of documents. In addition, the use of big data generates insights for efficiency in medical treatments.

In the Financial sector, Iron Mountain promotes the digitization and automation of internal and external processes, provides data security (both internal and customer) for greater fraud control and risk management, improving the management of internal operations to reduce costs .

For Retail companies, the company offers the integration between physical and digital stores, the use of Artificial Intelligence to improve work and service processes, digital work management, inventory and finance platforms, cost reduction in processes and achieving sustainability goals. Other segments with an important presence of the company are Entertainment, Law, SMEs, Public Sector and Retail.

Iron Mountain is today the partner and consultant in simplifying its customers’ processes, guarding and protecting their assets, both physical and digital, in addition to helping them access and expand their value, facing the challenges of digital transformation with innovation. , compliance and social responsibility.

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