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IPS and Huawei Promote Business Expansion by Bringing Data Center Solutions to the Hungarian Market

By ET Bureau - December 14, 2020 7 Mins Read

Since 2011, Intelligent Power Solutions (IPS), a four-star certified service partner of Huawei, has been providing high-level solutions to customers in the Hungarian market. Its diverse portfolio ranges from uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) for the information technology (IT) industry to turnkey data center deployment. IPS is committed to supporting its customers by providing them with first-class products, excellent service and innovative solutions. The company has a professional service team with more than 25 years of experience and relies on an excellent network of partners in Hungary.

Paving the way for growth

Over the seven years of partnership with Huawei, the UPS industry has seen some impressive innovations and IPS has gained invaluable experience along the way. Despite the dramatic changes in the market, Huawei has always supported IPS responsively.

It is simply impossible for businesses to be successful on their own. IPS needs strong partners to grow, to develop new services and solutions and to bring them to market quickly. IPS worked with various UPS companies before establishing a partnership with Huawei. Despite the great reputation of their brands, these companies made very few improvements to their product lines over the years, with research and development not being a priority for them. In addition, the projects were small and IPS had to work with several distributors in the country. Nevertheless, the main goal of IPS was to unlock new opportunities for business and to bid with confidence on larger projects. IPS therefore needed to seek a long-term partner capable of adequately supporting its larger-scale UPS projects and helping it enter the data center industry.

Laying the foundations for a partnership

IPS discovered Huawei’s UPS solutions seven years ago, when one of its partners gave it a brochure of these products. Surprised by Huawei’s vast, comprehensive and ever-growing portfolio, IPS was however somewhat skeptical about product features. That changed during a hands-on session at Huawei’s European Research and Development Center in Nuremberg, Germany, when she got to see the products in person. To his surprise, all his doubts were dispelled when he saw that the basic parts of the UPS, such as the long-life capacitors, the insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) and the fans, were all made with materials. of the highest quality. It was at this precise moment that IPS considered to

After the visit, IPS submitted each product in the demonstration to successful testing, while its engineers did their best to render the units unusable, but failed. Thus, the company saw the possibility of obtaining high quality mains power products, sold at a reasonable price and from a reputable brand. For IPS, this was undoubtedly a powerful combination that would allow it to gain an edge over established companies in the UPS industry and win bids, even on the largest projects.

Foster strong business growth

“Having worked in the Hungarian data center industry since 2004 gives me an in-depth knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the main brands of ASI,” said Peter Perjesi, CEO of IPS. What really sets Huawei apart from other suppliers? On the one hand, Huawei has invested heavily to improve its technology and is among the companies that spend the most in the world on research and development. On the other hand, its long history in the telecommunications industry has enabled it to improve its range of UPS. For example, Huawei’s UPS2000-G series products (with a capacity of 6 kVA or more) can be connected to a USB stick and a SIM card to create a short message service (SMS) gateway. This is’ a unique feature on the market. This telecommunications solution is crucial for our corporate customers, especially those in the banking industry, where communication between customers and service providers must comply with strict restrictions. “

Thanks to its extensive network of Hungarian partners, IPS bridges Huawei and its customers and enables it to bring its products to the local market. Our satisfied customers come from a variety of backgrounds, from banking to government. Huawei meets the diverse needs of its customers with a comprehensive portfolio including, among others, UPSs, cooling units, racks, power distribution units (PDUs), power cubes and management software. Having all the products in the solution come from a single brand reduces the risk of failure.

A dedicated Huawei channel manager provides critical support to the projects for which he is responsible. In addition to participating in HUAWEI CONNECT every year, the IPS team takes part in many technical events. Over the past five years, IPS has organized many successful events with the local Huawei office, and the latter has provided constant marketing support. Huawei has proven itself available to IPS when it needs its expertise.

IPS ensures that it employs highly trained IT experts who work seamlessly with their Huawei counterparts. This allows customers to have access to the most advanced technologies and the most competent specialists. Our experts are keen to increase the expertise of the organization and are therefore grateful for the partnership with the Huawei Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Academy. As for Huawei, its service team is delighted to gain field experience, and its UPS products are receiving very positive feedback from customers. Indeed, of the hundreds of units installed, Huawei can count on its fingers the number of times that it has been reported a technical problem.

This excellent partnership has proven to be fruitful: Huawei has seen its turnover increase at an annual rate of 20 to 50% in recent years. In addition, the company took another important step by completing the installation of the first Huawei Fusion Module 2000 data center in Hungary.

Succeed with the Huawei SmartLi UPS solution

Huawei invests over 10% of its revenue in research and development and responds quickly to market changes and customer needs by constantly updating its UPS solutions. IPS customers believe Huawei’s solutions can help them grow, leading them to purchase these products frequently. The new lithium battery-based solution is of particular interest to our customers because of its advantages over competing products. The market share for solutions using Li-ion batteries is forecast to grow to 35% by 2025, compared to just 1% in 2016.

Today’s CIOs set very high standards for UPS solutions. Businesses not only want to maximize space use and energy efficiency, but also minimize operating and maintenance costs. Customers rely on their investment in UPS solutions to remain productive and competitive, and therefore expect products to have a longer lifespan. With declining raw material costs and unique patented technology, the Huawei SmartLi UPS solution meets each of these requirements. Based on a Li-ion battery power system designed for data centers, this solution provides reliable power while reducing the 50% physical footprint. For businesses, this translates into increased revenue (freeing up more space for revenue-generating cabinets) and overall lower costs.

IPS is dedicated to supporting its customers by providing top-notch products, exceptional service and innovative solutions. Recognizing the enormous potential of Huawei SmartLi UPS, his team immediately offered this new UPS solution to their partners. Thus, the company already completed in September the installation of the first UPS  SmartLi UPS solution  in Hungary.

The best is yet to come

IPS is excited about the future of its partnership with Huawei. This collaboration is rooted in a common goal: to generate value for customers, while helping them solve complex technical and business problems. The company firmly believes that its association with Huawei will allow it to grow faster, with a view to becoming a key player in the Hungarian UPS market. It’s an amazing journey that we started with the help of Huawei.

“IPS has been working with Huawei for more than seven years now and this partnership continues to grow from strength to strength. The company has been chosen to implement many projects in the past and Huawei has always been on hand to provide exceptional service and to offer efficient technical and commercial support. ”—— Peter Perjesi, CEO of Intelligent Power Solutions Ltd., Hungary.


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