InvolveSoft: New AI Platform Helps Unify Distributed Workforces

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The number of people working remotely has been growing steadily for the last decade. It’s estimated that remote workers now make up around 50% of the total US workforce, and, according to a recent study by IWG, as much as 70% of the global workforce now works remotely at least once per week.

This shift towards a more distributed workforce has presented challenges for both employers and remote workers, particularly when it comes to workplace communication.

According to Igloo’s 2019 State of the Digital Workspace Report, the majority of remote employees – 70% of them – feel left out of the workplace. Not only that but 21% of those workers rate ‘loneliness’ as one of their biggest challenges.

This lack of communication is proving problematic for employers who work with a distributed workforce, particularly in the IT space, where effective knowledge sharing is often essential.

InvolveSoft, an innovative new IT company, has sought to solve this problem by creating a new software solution that facilitates communication between distributed workforces.

Friends and co-founders Saumya Bhatnagar and Gaurav Bhattacharya have created a ‘workplace community platform’ that helps senior-level employees and leaders to communicate effectively with lower-level employees. It’s not just for distributed workforces, it’s also for conventional, office-based workforces too. However, distributed workforces, in particular, may be able to benefit the most from the platform.

The InvolveSoft platform has been designed to foster a sense of community through new and improved communication channels powered by AI. They hope that by enabling better top-down communication, it will become easier for companies to convey messages up and down the chain of command.

The platform itself works in a similar way to a social media platform, with an Instagram-like interface. The founders of InvolveSoft believe that this new approach to communication can help lower-level employees and remote workers feel more valued within their workplace and like they’re a part of something bigger.