Introducing the Cloud Supply Chain: End-to-End Logistics Services Seamlessly Accessed and Operated Through a Cloud-Based Platform

Introducing the Cloud Supply Chain End-to-End Logistics Services Seamlessly Accessed and Operated Through a Cloud-Based Platform

Today we introduce the Stord Cloud Supply Chain, offering world-class end-to-end supply chain services spanning our network of over 500 warehouses, 30 fulfillment centers and 20,000 carriers, vertically integrated through a singular pay-as-you-go software platform.

Brands today are piecing together inflexible logistics partners with long contracts, RFPs and limited software capabilities with third-party integrators and multiple software tools, to create fragile supply chains and technology stacks. There’s a better solution: tapping into a cloud that offers superior logistics and software, already connected. Stord has built the supply chain cloud that wraps up all the logistics services and technology tools needed for an end-to-end supply chain in one pre-integrated cloud platform.

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Already used by leading brands such as Advance Auto Parts, Crystal Geyser, Dollar General, Tyson Foods and more, the Cloud Supply Chain allows you to:

Manage the entire order-to-delivery cycle with seamless connectivity
The supply chain cloud is built to accommodate various operating processes and methods, allowing for all supply chain activities, typically conducted across disparate systems, to be seamlessly connected in one platform. Stord’s platform is agnostic to legacy systems and data sources. We offer simple integrations across ERP systems, e-commerce sites, WMSs, TMSs, parcel shipment facilitators, and more, utilizing your preferred order management method.

  • Eliminate the need to source one-to-one integration solutions, significantly reducing launch timelines
  • Control your entire omnichannel supply chain from one platform instead of just receiving unactionable reports

Standardize and normalize data across software systems
Connect to the supply chain cloud once with data formats your systems already use and our team handles the rest, including future third-party integration needs and data mapping normalization. Stord ensures that all your data is accurately captured, mapped and transmitted, and provides best practices and industry expertise recommendations where needed.

  • Send customized data reports to your team
  • Reduce expenses and losses that result from inaccurate data

Convert comprehensive visibility into actionable insights
Using the cloud supply chain dashboard, capture supply chain activity across your entire omnichannel footprint. Enable your team with the end-to-end visibility and data they need to make decisions that drive key performance:

  • Improve fulfillment speed
  • Reduce supply chain operating costs
  • Optimize inventory locations, and more
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