Introducing EVA – Voice Biometric Extension for Amazon Connect

EVA, Voice Biometric Extension, Amazon Connect

Global voice biometric leader, Auraya, officially announces the launch of EVA for Amazon Connect. EVA enables organizations to deliver better customer experience for authenticating customer identity on telephony and digital channels. It allows customers to verify their identity quickly and conveniently without needing to remember passwords, PINs, or needing to provide sensitive private information.

The challenge of providing highly secure and convenient security measures to customers is well understood by both organizations and their customers. Customers are required to remember their passwords and answers to secret questions or provide personal information such as social security numbers or birth dates to get access to the information and services they want. In this new digital age, organizations require multiple security methods to verify identity depending on the device customers use. To complicate this situation, regulators around the world are requiring ever more stringent security standards and demanding that organizations comply with increased privacy provisions. Nowadays, organizations comply with these regulations by sending customers an email or SMS with one-time passcodes or require customers to carry additional devices to generate security codes. However, most of these methods reduce the convenience and level of customer experience, while providing no guarantees of avoiding identity theft or fraud.

The team at Auraya have developed a simple answer to address this complex problem. EVA is a cloud-based voice biometric extension for Amazon Connect. EVA is language and accent independent and works on all devices with a microphone.

EVA allows customers to enroll and verify their identity by analyzing the unique characteristics of their voice. Customers using a device to chat or using a browser to get information or make a transaction can simply say the numbers displayed on the screen to verify their identity. If a customer is talking to a person or a bot, EVA can listen to the conversation and confirm their identity using machine learning algorithms.

EVA is deployed in the AWS cloud and uses cloud formation tools to implement the biometric capability for any organization. EVA uses Amazon orchestration and reporting tools for customization to meet the specific needs of any organization.

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