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Integra Devices is now Xidas, the New Face of Miniaturization

By ET Bureau - October 15, 2019 1 Mins Read

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Integra Devices is now Xidas, a powerful new representation of their evolution into one of the world’s leading companies for miniaturization and micro-devices. Xidas uses a new interdisciplinary paradigm for micro-engineering called Amaga™, integrating a large number of materials and processes together to develop and manufacture devices and systems at microscopic sizes. Using this approach, Xidas’ world-class engineering team produces micro-scale products for industrial, life tech, and IoT applications that were once impossible.

The need is big. Many industries today have a need for advanced, ultra-miniaturized products that currently don’t exist. Xidas’ passion is to provide next-generation micro-products that enable the vision of the future.

“By expanding our sights beyond the limiting box of semiconductor fabrication, we can now produce micro-scale products, such as sensors, actuators, and 3D structures, for applications where silicon is not appropriate. Our engineers draw from a toolbox of hundreds of materials and processes for producing ultra-small, precision devices, and systems. It’s very empowering for micro-engineering; the possibilities are staggering.” – Mark Bachman, CTO, Xidas


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