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Insubuy, Inc., Launches Cutting-Edge OmniSecure™ API

By ET Bureau - February 18, 2020 2 Mins Read

Insubuy, Inc., OmniSecure™ API, InsureTech

Global InsureTech company Insubuy, Inc., proudly announces the launch of its revolutionary new OmniSecure™ API. OmniSecure is a Global Distribution System (GDS) API that allows Insubuy’s sub-agents to painlessly integrate travel medical insurance products from various insurance companies into their existing websites.

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The groundbreaking OmniSecure API takes a step further than the wildly successful BrokersNexus program, which provides sub-agents with ready-made, customized white-label websites with all the functionality of Insubuy’s own website. OmniSecure API offers more advanced functionalities for more tech-savvy sub-agents. OmniSecure API meets the needs of Insubuy sub-agents who already have their own established websites that they use to sell other products (like financial products or airline tickets) or that are written in a language not currently supported by BrokersNexus. For these sub-agents, OmniSecure streamlines the process of adding different insurance products from different insurance companies to their existing website. The trailblazing OmniSecure API eliminates the need for sub-agents to become familiar with and implement each individual insurance company’s API separately.

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“OmniSecure API is a revolutionary technology in the travel insurance market that would allow larger brokerage firms to rapidly integrate travel insurance products in their portfolio,” says Narendra Khatri, President & CEO of Insubuy.


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