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Innotree Launches “TuneCloud” for the Construction and Management of Multi-cloud Environments

By ET Bureau - May 20, 2020 2 Mins Read


With the emergence of various cloud services, the number of cloud-based businesses is drastically increasing. Recently, in particular, many companies have adopted multi-cloud environments built on only the advantages of various cloud services rather than a single one.

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To respond to the market needs, IT solution and service provider Innotree (CEO Byung-Geun Kim, announced that it launched “TuneCloud,” a multi-cloud environment construction and management service.

The cloud total management service supports the design, deployment, billing, and monitoring of multi-cloud as a one-stop service, allowing customers to quickly and conveniently build their desired cloud service platform. By standardizing UI/UX so that anyone can easily create, integrate, and manage infrastructure in the cloud, TuneCloud provides multi-cloud services as a single one.

With its core feature, TuneDesigner, users can design cloud infrastructure easily and conveniently using the intuitive Drag & Drop UI method in a significantly reduced time. In addition, the architecture designed in TuneDesigner is automatically reflected and managed in the cloud through its real-time Auto Provisioning feature, improving the design and deployment productivity by more than 60%.

TuneCloud helps reduce design costs by providing various architecture design templates for infrastructure and minimizes human errors and improves the efficiency of personnel operations through automated provisioning and validation functions.

TuneReverse Engine can be used to express and redesign the current configuration of existing cloud infrastructure, manage the history of the cloud, and modify and monitor the infrastructure in real-time.

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In addition, TuneCloud performs integrated real-time monitoring of each cost and infrastructure for multi-cloud and provides the TuneAI algorithm that recommends the optimal cost by collecting and analyzing budget, costs, and component status on a regular basis for efficient operations and cost reduction.


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