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Infrastructure Networks and Machfu Partner to Deliver Data Solutions to the Oilfield

By ET Bureau - June 25, 2019 3 Mins Read

Infrastructure Networks, Inc. (INET) and Machfu have entered into a strategic partnership to help oil and gas companies improve the performance of their existing assets by easily connecting them to new cloud solutions. INET will sell, supply and service Machfu solutions, delivered over INET’s wireless platform. Machfu will utilize INET’s LTE coverage to connect to oil and gas assets real-time in key energy producing areas.

This strategic partnership to enable oil and gas assets to collect data real-time and store or transmit it from the oilfield. INET controls the majority of the  LTE spectrum in the Permian, Bakken, Eagle Ford and Scoop Stack,   can bring real-time connectivity to the oilfield which is vital for data collection, real-time monitoring and eventual automation of oil and gas operations. This partnership promises to bring that to remote oil and gas operations on the edge.

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Under the partnership, INET will distribute the MACHGateway and the MACH-IO solutions to the oilfield, where assets collect data, but may not have the ability to send that data real-time or store it. The MACH-IO provides standards-based wireless data collection for IoT sensors in the oilfield, and works with the MACHGateway, which provides secure connection to industrial controllers, process automation and other equipment in the oilfield. Together, the two products simplify connecting and managing sensors and controllers, and provide a secure connection to transmit data real-time to oil and gas companies.

“The value of data in the oilfield is just being realized,” said Scott Crist, CEO at INET, “Oil and gas companies pour billions of dollars into industrial assets, and the MACHGateway and MACH-IO work to gather data from these asset’s in the oilfield and transmit the data over INET’s network in real-time so decisions can be made quickly. With our focus on enabling the Industrial Internet of Things, to include automation of field assets, we see Machfu’s technology as a great fit for our platform.”

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“The significance of data collection, storage and real-time transmission is that these solutions help oil and gas companies improve business processes with immediately realized value and reduce operational risk within a secure environment,” said Prakash Chakravarthi, CEO of Machfu.

Together, INET and Machfu plan to simplify the collection, storage and use of data, especially from equipment that speak legacy protocols and shows companies the potential of real-time, analytics, control of assets and eventual automation of the oilfield.

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