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Infotecs Offering Free Trials and Cloud Based Access to Cyber Solutions to Help Businesses Rapidly Implement Secure Communication for Remote Workers

By ET Bureau - April 13, 2020 2 Mins Read

Infotecs, Cloud, Cyber Solutions, Secure Communication for Remote Workers

Unprecedented numbers of people are working from home at the direction of their governments to help slow the spread of Coronavirus.  To cope with the current global new reality even companies that resisted remote working practices in the past have had no choice but to change.  The speed with which this shift has happened means that many organizations are not prepared and their cyber defenses are not set up to accommodate secure remote working on such a scale.  Workers are accessing data remotely across public networks without using appropriate encryption, VPNs, Firewalls and other properly configured cybersecurity tools.  Widespread use of public messengers, video conferencing and other communication tools further complicates the situation and exposes numerous vulnerabilities for hackers to exploit.   Yet for many businesses, especially smaller ones, implementing cybersecurity solutions can seem overly daunting, complex, time-consuming and costly.

Infotecs has launched a special program to help companies through these challenging times by offering free trials and making their products available in the Cloud through Amazon Web Services and Azure to get people up and running quickly with minimal cost and effort.  The Infotecs software-based solutions are designed to achieve major security improvements without disruption, effectively overlaying security onto legacy systems without changing the underlying network structure.  Furthermore, unlike other encryption solutions that can slow down processes and make working difficult and inefficient, Infotecs’ low latency, high-speed encryption provides continuous reliable connectivity even for bandwidth-hungry video and voice communication applications that are so crucial to keep businesses operating while workers are remote.

“Infotecs and our partner channels are working to help companies of all sizes maintain their business continuity by offering free trials and convenient Cloud deployments of our solutions to provide secure connectivity for remote workers in these uncertain times”, said Josef Waclaw, CEO Infotecs GMBH.  “Whether an organization needs to provide secure remote access to email, corporate systems, video conferences, voice calls or to Cloud resources without changing their network structure, ViPNet’s superior security by design can provide cost-effective, highly secure remote access that is quick and easy to deploy, manage and maintain.”


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