InfoMark Announces Integrated Amazon Alexa Skill Bringing Newsprint and Magazine Content to Life

InfoMark, Integrated Amazon Alexa, Newsprint, Magazine Content
InfoMark Announces Integrated Amazon Alexa Skill Bringing Newsprint and Magazine Content to Life

InfoMark is announcing the full release of its Amazon Alexa skill which completes the wide variety of technological wizardry and finally unleashes the Digital Power of Print that so many of us believed the QR Code would accomplish. With this Alexa Skill writers and editors can now achieve a personal connection with their readers never before available.  After enabling the Alexa Skill users can simply ask Alexa “Alexa tell my mark to play N E W S” and your Amazon Alexa begins audio of the associated content for the Mark “N E W S”. and the InfoMark apps for Apple and Android devices fully support all of these new capabilities.

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“The Digital Power of Print is a huge new avenue never fully utilized by Newspapers and Magazines.  There has never been a connection so simple, powerful, and elegant,” said Jesse Stallone, President of InfoMark.  “Improving the user experience of Print has never been more important.  InfoMark is committed to advancing this experience and finally making the connection to powerful digital content.

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InfoMark, launched in November 2019, uses simple alphanumeric codes that when placed in Print give users simple and quick access to PDFs, Audio, Video, Photos, URLs, and other digital files the Writer feels expand their content and connection to its readers.  InfoMark is fast and simple.  InfoMark also gives users the ability to save their history of Marks for easy access again and again.  It’s the most user-friendly experience in the industry.  Users can create accounts at or the InfoMark App or simply access 100% of the digital content anonymously.  It’s all about giving our users a great experience not tracking them.