Infobird upgrades its intelligent interactive training product

Infobird upgrades its intelligent interactive training product-

Infobird Co., Ltd (Nasdaq: IFBD) (“Infobird” or the “Company”), a software-as-a-service provider of innovative AI-powered, or artificial intelligence enabled, customer engagement solutions in China, announced that it has upgraded its cloud-based intelligent interactive training SaaS product to empower enterprises to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of sales and customer service representatives training by leveraging technologies such as AI chatbots. By simulating a real-life training experience, sales or customer service representatives are able to get trained with a virtual customer anytime, anywhere in the world. The upgraded product now also supports training in English for clients with international training needs. When combined with the company’s intelligent quality inspection product, these two products can create a closed-loop management of customer engagement and training of sales or customer service representatives. This could further drive additional business values for enterprises in the future.

Sales and customer service representatives training has always been important for enterprises to efficiently acquire and serve customers with high quality service. However, due to reasons such as low barrier to entry of the industry and high pressure of the working environment, the turnover rate for sales and customer service representatives tends to be very high. According to the Harvard Business Review “Here’s What Happens When You Focus on Employees to Better Serve Your Customers,” the average turnover rate of customer service representatives can reach up to 45% from the perspective of call center customer service alone. Therefore, it has become urgent for enterprises to find ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of sales and customer service representative training.

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“With our past many years of experience in customer engagement business, we have gained a deep understanding of enterprises’ sales and customer service management training problem areas. The traditional way of training is just not as effective, when taking in consideration of the high turnover rate as well as the constantly renewed communication scripts between representatives and customers,” said Yimin Wu, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Infobird. “We are trying to provide an innovative way for enterprises to better train their representatives with high efficiency and effectiveness. The best part of this training style is that you can train as many representatives as you want with the same standards, no matter where they are located in the world. Especially under the influence of Covid-19, this becomes even more important for enterprises with international coverage. Scenarios such as telemarketing sales, cloud-call center customer service, store reception, and on-site sales training all are a great fit to this product. We already have several enterprises from banking and retail industries that have shown great interest in this product.”

In addition, the company’s intelligent interactive training product can also be further integrated into intelligent quality inspection, another SaaS product the company has, which is to track the engagement process between customers and representatives. With intelligent quality inspection, managers could have a better understanding of how the sales or customer service representatives are performing when engaging with customers. The combined products can therefore form a closed-loop feedback mechanism from new sales and customer service representatives training, their daily service performance tracking to follow-up training based on their performance results. Yimin Wu, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Infobird further states, “The purpose of sales and customer service representatives’ training is to get better business results for enterprises, and we firmly believe that training and daily performance measurement cannot be separated. This is a very exciting area to us, and we are working on improving products to further empower our clients with digitized solutions to create more business values.”

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