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Incode and Simpello Set a New Standard for Frictionless Data Interaction, Privacy, and Protection for Travelers

By ET Bureau - August 30, 2023 3 Mins Read

Incode and Simpello Set a New Standard for Frictionless Data Interaction, Privacy, and Protection for Travelers

Incode Technologies and Simpello, global data security leaders, announced today a strategic alliance, integrating Incode’s biometric identity proofing solutions with Simpello’s patented interactive decentralization platform. This innovative collaboration introduces frictionless data sharing with processing on the edge to hoteliers, retail, financial institutions and others, redefining data privacy and seamless user experiences. Simpello and Incode’s strategic partnerships continues the identity verification giant’s global expansion and further penetration of the reusable identity market, which is set to reach $266B by 2027.

Historically, the focus of identity verification has been primarily on the onboarding process when new users create their accounts. Traditional identity systems in industries like travel can be burdensome, introducing inefficiencies through manual document verification and repetitive identity checks. These processes consume valuable time and resources while also raising security concerns due to the reliance on physical identification documents, increasing the risk of fraud and identity theft. In today’s post-pandemic landscape, the integration of reusable IDs powered by biometrics has become increasingly crucial for the delivery of new services.

Incode’s fully automated, in-house developed AI/ML solutions and Simpello’s unique, patented decentralized enablement offer critical operational advantages while simultaneously enhancing the customer experience and data interactive sharing. The joint technology drastically reduces administrative costs and time for businesses, for example, with hotel check-in, reducing application processing times from 10-15 minutes to just 18 seconds. Coupled with Simpello’s unparalleled device sharing and authentication capabilities, this forward-looking approach sets a new benchmark in secure, highly personalized experiences for guests and staff in global sectors such as hospitality, airlines, rentals, financial institutions and healthcare.

“Reusable identity is key to reimagining a seamless and secure travel experience for everyone. Incode shares Simpello’s product philosophy for interoperability, consistency, and most importantly, decentralized privacy,” said CEO and Founder of Incode, Ricardo Amper. “We are thrilled to work with Simpello, as a key priority for major brands is decentralization and hands-free solutions, rather than holding personally identifiable information (PPI). Together, we provide a canvas that makes it so everyone can be serviced in time and have responsible privacy built into the platform. This partnership represents a shared commitment to data privacy and secure identity verification, and we’re excited to build the next generation of travel experiences with Simpello.”

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This technology is revolutionizing the way guests and staff interact with hospitality services. Instead of repeatedly sharing their physical ID, customers can now use this innovative solution to even share with a broader network of services like airlines providing effortless loyalty status recognition and seamless bag drop and boarding. With the integration of this technology, the traditional, fraud-prone hassle of presenting physical IDs is eliminated, offering a more streamlined and convenient experience for travelers.

“We are taking significant strides toward protecting the privacy of the user while providing seamless interaction to business operations and consumer’s time. In addition, this product allows personnel efficiencies to a whole new level as the consumer can bring context to every engagement,” explained Ben Robertson, founder and CEO of Simpello. “Incode is providing identification to a customer’s phone and ensuring it stays only there, along with personalization for Simpello’s security parameters for our product development.”

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