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Impetus Technologies’ Data Flow and Analytics Platform Enhances Self-service ETL Capabilities on AWS Marketplace

By ET Bureau - August 14, 2019 2 Mins Read

Impetus Technologies, Data Flow, Analytics, AWS Marketplace

Impetus Technologies, a leading big data software products, and services company,  announced a new version of StreamAnalytix for Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace.

StreamAnalytix, enterprise-grade self-service data flow, and analytics platform transform data into actionable business insights through end-to-end functionality of data processing, machine learning, and DevOps. Used in production by several Fortune 500 companies, StreamAnalytix offers an intuitive drag-and-drop functionality with more than 150 ETL functions, and 30+ data science algorithms and transformations that enable enterprises to rapidly build, deploy, and manage Apache Spark applications visually.

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StreamAnalytix on AWS provides the flexibility to work with AWS EMR and Databricks using any number of Spark nodes in a pay-per-use model. It is fully AWS optimized and supports deployment via cloud formation templates. The latest enhancements include:

  • Self-service: Create, deploy, and manage Spark jobs for Databricks and/or EMR based cluster
  • Cluster management: Launch, deploy, and manage ephemeral and long running Databricks and/or EMR clusters
  • Auto-scaling: Auto-scale (grow or shrink) your cluster based on your processing workload
  • RBAC based user management: Individual roles can define individual user permissions
  • Extensive support for cloud-native services

StreamAnalytix on AWS Marketplace is available in three options based on the number of users (3 users, 8 users, or 15 users). Each option supports executing jobs on your Databricks and/or EMR clusters, with no limit to the number of connected nodes.


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