ID Incognito Launches – A Web App For Online Privacy

ID Incognito, Online Privacy

ID Incognito is a new web app dedicated to protecting your personal information online. The app was made in response to the growing need to provide personal information in order to use services online, specifically phone numbers and email addresses.

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The app works by providing phone number and email address aliases for users to give as info whenever signing up for services, subscriptions, or anything else requiring personal info online. The app filters communications from the things users sign up for and forward emails to users. Forwarding can be turned off at any time. If a user replies to a text message or email from a site, ID Incognito receives the reply and forwards it for the user. But the user’s real email and phone number remain confidential.

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The philosophy behind the app is to create a sense of agency over personal info while still being able to use online services such as subscriptions, online shopping, streaming, etc. It also protects users from unwanted spam emails and phone calls or outside solicitation should your information be sold to a third party.

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