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IBM Expands Its Cloud Presence to Help Latin American Businesses Accelerate Their Path to Hybrid Clou

By ET Bureau - March 17, 2021 6 Mins Read


– IBM triples the locations of the IBM Cloud data center in Brazil and expands the global presence of cloud computing;

– Clients such as Arezzo & Co, Banco Sabadell and Neural Creations are leveraging the capabilities of IBM Cloud to lead in their industries.

 IBM (NYSE: IBM ) today announced the start of operations of its first IBM Cloud Multizone Region (MZR) in Latin America, a major expansion of IBM’s global presence in cloud computing. Building on its existing data centers in the region, the MZR is the result of IBM’s continued investment to accelerate hybrid cloud adoption and help drive business growth in Latin America, especially as companies across all Industries accelerate their digital transformation plans as a result of COVID-19. The new data center complex marks IBM’s ongoing commitment to help clients in Latin America implement mission-critical workloads with high levels of resilience in hybrid cloud environments.

“Companies throughout Latin America are accelerating their digital transformation, in order to be prepared for uncertainties and rapid market changes, and to offer the best experiences to their end customers,” said Tonny Martins, General Manager of IBM Latin America. “To continue supporting and accompanying them on this journey, we are investing and expanding our cloud infrastructure in the region, so that organizations of all industries and sizes can increase their capacities, having all the flexibility, latency and control to grow their businesses in a security-rich cloud environment. ”

Mission critical workload management with high security and resilience

The IBM Cloud network is designed for low latency and high security, all while helping clients meet strict data sovereignty and compliance requirements – which is especially important for clients in regulated industries such as financial services , government, telecommunications.and more. By hosting workloads on the IBM Cloud – the most open and secure hybrid cloud for business in the industry – customers will also be able to utilize the IBM Cloud capabilities delivered through IBM Hyper Protect Crypto Services, backed by the highest level of commercially available safety certification. This can allow companies to maintain control of their own encryption keys, which means that customers are the only ones who can control access to their data – not even IBM can access it.

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While businesses have faced unique challenges throughout the pandemic, business continuity has never been more important. By connecting three remote Availability Zones – all independent of each other – clients in Latin America hosting workloads on IBM Cloud can be assured that a potential failure would affect a single zone, meaning they can continuously run workloads critical mission in hybrid cloud environments and keep the business running.

Build a sustainable future by preparing to minimize the carbon footprint of data centers

As IBM continues to help companies in the region scale their businesses with a hybrid cloud approach, it is also helping them prepare for a sustainable future. Building on its decades-long work to address the global climate crisis, IBM recently announced its commitment to achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions. by 2030. Using a combination of artificial intelligence, hybrid cloud capabilities, and quantum computing, IBM researchers are working with clients and partners to address complex climate-related problems, such as the growing global carbon footprint of workloads in the cloud and data centers. This is not only critical for the environment, but will also help IBM clients in Latin America address their own sustainability initiatives, as many companies around the world seek to minimize their carbon emissions.

“IDC expects that by 2022, about 40% of Latin American GDP will be digital, which will generate 460 billion dollars in IT spending by 2023. Investments in cloud technology are expected to be a key driver of this growth, with 35% of IT spending related to cloud computing, “said Alejandro Florean , Vice President of Consulting for IDC Latin America. “The opening of the IBM Cloud MZR in the region is important as companies show increased interest in the cloud and can help Latin American companies experience the benefits of a hybrid cloud approach and differentiate themselves in their industries.”

In this first phase, a complete set of infrastructures, such as storage solutions and services, will be available to help provide security and control of network traffic, protection of sensitive data, backup and recovery systems. Through 2021, the IBM Cloud catalog will continue to be deployed, offering platform service options to help clients rapidly deploy mission-critical applications and architecture in hybrid cloud environments, and artificial intelligence capabilities with IBM. Watson, blockchain, IoT and analytics.

Accelerating Hybrid Cloud Adoption Across Different Industries

A hybrid cloud approach has been helping companies in different industries around the world address rapidly growing challenges in product and service demands. Latin American companies are increasingly turning to IBM Cloud for its industry-leading security capabilities:

  • Arezzo & Co , a leader in the women’s footwear, bags and accessories segment in Latin America, has chosen IBM Cloud to help deliver a faster and more secure shopping experience across any sales channel for its nearly 10 million customers. By working with IBM to take a hybrid cloud approach and migrating mission-critical applications to the IBM Cloud, Arezzo & Co has been able to modernize key workloads, including sales processes and inventory control. As a result, the company has created a more agile and flexible omni-channel strategy, while prioritizing security to run complex workloads and deliver better customer experiences.
  • Neural Creations  in Peru is leveraging IBM Cloud to provide near real-time fleet information for logistics companies in Latin America, processing more than one million transactions per hour from GPS devices to support critical decision making related to addresses, alerts fuel consumption service and more. “IBM Cloud has helped scale our solution to adapt to rapidly changing business needs with high levels of reliability, security and agility. With our system running on the IBM Cloud, our clients are confident that they will have access to up-to-date information to help them. to manage their fleets even in periods of high demand “, commented Humberto Bejarano Bravo, CEO of Neural Creations.
  • Banco Sabadell,  Mexico’s first fully digital bank, is using the IBM Cloud to help accelerate digitization and support the strategic evolution of its customer-centric business model. IBM Cloud services running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux are helping Banco Sabadell deliver innovative services and improved digital experiences to clients, while efficiently and securely managing their banking environment. “Being pioneers in an Embedded Banking model has represented a great challenge that required IBM’s extensive experience in the industry,” said Fernando Boza., COO of Banco Sabadell. “We chose IBM as our global technology partner to support the development of a modern IT infrastructure based on the IBM Cloud, allowing us to continue to offer better services and improve customer experiences.”

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  • Eye Capital,  an Argentine fintech specialized in algorithmic trading, software engineering and data science, uses IBM Cloud services to integrate artificial intelligence into its asset management solutions. In a hybrid cloud environment, Eye Capital uses its own open source machine learning algorithms and Watson Studio, IBM’s data science platform, to help clients build financial portfolios and perform risk analysis to make strategic decisions.


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