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ibi Expands Portfolio with ibi™ Data Intelligence, a Unified Solution for Optimizing Data Operations

By ET Bureau - November 17, 2023 3 Mins Read


ibi, a scalable  data and analytics software platform that makes  data easy to access and analytics easy to consume, today announced the launch of ibi™ Data  Intelligence, a comprehensive data management solution that empowers organizations to address  complex challenges efficiently, cost-effectively, and at scale. The new offering removes the struggle of  managing disparate software from multiple vendors, unifying the data in one platform, and improving  data reliability and accessibility.

“In today’s data-rich business landscape, efficiently managing an entire data landscape is among the  greatest challenges enterprises face,” said Vijay Raman, vice president, products and technology, ibi, a  business unit of Cloud Software Group. “ibi Data Intelligence is our answer – an end-to-end solution that  simplifies data management, dissolving barriers and reducing vendor dependencies. It seamlessly  integrates data sources and heightens the data integrity pivotal for AI, business intelligence, and  analytics teams. The solution drives value, reduces costs, and positions businesses for the future.”

The offering brings together ibi’s robust software capabilities to transform how users across  organizations interact with their data.  ibi Data Intelligence  delivers a comprehensive solution, providing  advanced capabilities and seamless processes for connectivity, integration, workflow orchestration,  transformation, enrichment, deduplication, unification, and mastering at scale.

The ibi Data Intelligence solution delivers a complete set of capabilities that address customer  challenges, with benefits that include the following:

  • Enhanced User Experience: Empowering users with a  centralized, intuitive and low-code  environment, this solution powered by AI elevates user productivity, encourages  collaboration, and ensures a seamless, consistent user experience. Capabilities range from  a utomating and orchestrating intricate data workflows  with ease for seamless operations to  offering profound insights through ML algorithms, pinpointing patterns and connections with  near-human accuracy.
  • Flexible and Agile: By establishing a flexible and versatile data services environment, this  solution fulfills current business needs while enhancing agility, paving the way for seamless  integration and adoption of future technological advancements. The offering deploys  effortlessly, either on-premises or in the cloud, tailoring and scaling resources to meet your  business goals.
  • Modern Data Governance: ibi Data Intelligence ensures  top-tier data quality through checks,  validation rules, cleansing, and enrichment. In addition, enhanced decision-making with  insights from trusted and governed master data provides accuracy and consistency.

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ibi Data Intelligence is a new solution that assists organizations to come to grips with the sheer volume  and array of data sources, ensuring data is available, valid, reliable, and usable. The offering improves  decision-making and unlocks new analytics capabilities, allowing users to maximize their technology to  build a more flexible and scalable environment.

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