Hypershift Transforms Corporate Innovation with Platform for Innovation Performance Management

Hypershift Transforms Corporate Innovation with Platform for Innovation Performance Management

Business Model Innovation Testing at Scale combined with Visualization of Customer Change Enables Large Companies to Tackle Market Disruptions

Hypershift Systems today announced its Platform for Innovation Performance Management (IPM), an all-digital platform that enables large organizations to systematically test dozens to hundreds of business model innovations with customers. This systematic approach to customer validation helps companies expand from incubation of a small number of ideas — a common innovation model today — to examination of a broad set of opportunities. This broad-scale testing yields valuable data about which new business model opportunities customers are embracing and which innovations lack market fit, helping large companies achieve commercial outcomes with greater speed, reliability, and capital efficiency.

Hypershift’s IPM platform further delivers visualization of customer change, allowing companies to capture market trends as they emerge. This combination of testing and data visualization helps drive strategy and enables innovation teams to partner more effectively with core functions such as product development and sales.

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“The speed at which customers and markets change has increased permanently thanks to the technology innovations of the last decade,” said Andre Marquis, CEO of Hypershift Systems. “It is imperative that innovation departments amplify their strategic impact not only by increasing the number of businesses they commercialize, but also by leveraging the data generated by their programs as a powerful and continuous input to strategy, showing which innovations can have the biggest impact on corporate growth objectives or market leadership. With this approach, companies can expand beyond annual incubation of just a few ideas to delivery of data-driven, operationally-grounded innovation programs integrated with the core business.”

“By focusing on customer change with large-scale testing and validation, we are able to align our innovation efforts with the needs of our sales organization and provide our Board of Directors input to decisions of strategy,” said Stefan Dierks, Partner at MHP, a Porsche Company. “Being able to collaborate with staff around the world during periods of market disruption, such as is occurring right now with Covid-19, has been particularly essential.”

“Testing business model innovation at scale in a systematic fashion has allowed us to commercialize more businesses faster, with a higher degree of reliability, and with greater capital efficiency,” said Uwe Kirschner, Vice-President of Business Model Innovation at Bosch. “In partnership with Hypershift, our Bosch Accelerator Program has now tested business model innovations from hundreds of employee and partner teams, drawing on the knowledge that already exists within our own ecosystem, and delivering significant savings against traditional product development.”

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Hypershift’s platform for Innovation Performance Management has been developed by principals from U.C. Berkeley and Harvard with decades of experience running both startups and accelerator programs in large organizations.  Hypershift’s process has been taught through U.C. Berkeley’s Executive Education program and implemented at Fortune 500 organizations globally. The solution is available now and can be delivered through both private and native cloud configurations.

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