Humanity Launches New AI-Powered Capabilities in Cloud-Based Platform Designed to Customize Shift-Based Scheduling Requirements

Humanity, AI, Cloud

Humanity, a leading provider of cloud-based employee shift scheduling solutions for the enterprise, announced new scheduling features powered by artificial intelligence – Auto-Fill Schedule and Location-Based Break Rules – designed to customize and optimize shift-based scheduling. Auto-Fill Schedule allows organizations to quickly generate smarter, conflict-free schedules by assigning shifts and filling empty slots based on custom-built rules most relevant to an enterprise. Location-Based Break Rules allows organizations to automatically add breaks to shifts and ensure they align with state-mandated labor regulations.

Managing and cross-referencing thousands of sheets of employee data – including certifications, skills, availability, preferred working hours, overtime, leave requests, and more – can be an incredibly time-consuming and complex process. In addition, with the frequent and often complex changes in labor laws, organizations are often faced with contradictory standards and requirements to adhere to, which can obstruct the management of everyday operations. Humanity’s new AI feature set automates this process by optimizing existing shift assignments and simultaneously filling empty shifts, open slots and assigning breaks, resulting in enhanced operations and increased employee productivity.