HubSpot Launches CMS Hub to Take the Pain out of Website Management

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HubSpot Launches CMS Hub to Take the Pain out of Website Management

HubSpot, a leading growth platform, launched CMS Hub — a content management system that offers speed, security, and scalability to rapidly growing businesses. Unlike traditional content management systems that become more difficult to use over time, CMS Hub scales in line with business growth and takes the pain out of managing software, enabling users to focus on creating remarkable website experiences for their customers. CMS Hub comprises two tiers, Enterprise and Professional, giving companies the freedom to choose a CMS offering best suited to their stage of growth.

CIO Roles are Changing Due to Economic Shifts and Organizational Changes

Today’s announcement marks the creation of HubSpot’s latest product hub, and growing businesses can look forward to the benefits of working with a content management system that integrates with best-in-class marketing, sales, service, and CRM tools as part of HubSpot’s all-on-one connected platform.

Speed, Security, Scalability

Traditional content management systems become increasingly restrictive as they’re asked to do more. In many cases, even small website changes require content from marketers, oversight from IT teams, and implementation from developers — it’s a painful process that slows down users and lets down customers. As a business scales and develops needs for deeper integrations, additional domains, and increased site security, this pain becomes all the more acute, leaving users with a content management system not fit to meet the challenges that come with rapid growth.

CMS Hub offers a different experience. As part of HubSpot’s all-on-one connected platform, it’s an integrated, easy-to-use, and deeply powerful content management system that allows multiple stakeholders — from IT teams to developers to marketers — to work in tandem on everything from minor content updates to major website upgrades. Flexible website themes enable developers to give site-wide editing freedom to marketers, robust security controls help IT teams ensure a safe browsing experience for visitors, and powerful partitioning features allow users to manage their online assets as they grow. With CMS Hub, businesses are liberated from restrictive web management processes that stifle innovation and empowered to build powerful, reliable, and secure websites that are an asset to their growth strategy.

Effective Content Management Drives Successful Digital Transformation Journey

“Marketers at growing companies have a lot of things to think about — their CMS should not be one of them,” said Angela DeFranco, director of product management at HubSpot. “Most CMS platforms available today make website management more complicated and painful as time goes by. They put a limit on what’s possible. They have a ceiling. But rapidly scaling companies don’t. I’m delighted that with CMS Hub, we’re offering users a powerful system that removes unnecessary gatekeepers, democratizes the web management process, and makes it easy for them to execute their boldest ideas.”

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