Huawei Seeks Solution to Czech Security Warning, Readies Legal Means: Paper


Huawei Technologies is prepared to defend itself in court in the Czech Republic if it is unable to resolve a security warning from the country’s cyber watchdog, its country manager was quoted as saying on Monday, in a news report by Reuters.

It was in December that the Czech cyber watchdog (NUKIB) warned about potential dangers of Huawei and Chinese firm ZTE. This has resulted in many leading state and private institutions to undertake risk analyses. NUKIB’s warning had the result of Czech tax authority excluding Huawei from a tender, and the company’s Director Dusan Navratil is stated to have said that he expects Huawei and ZTE to be left out of more tenders.

As Huawei faces growing scrutiny around the globe over allegations that Beijing could be using its technology for spying, the company has been steadily denying all these accusations.

Radoslaw Kedzia, Huawei’s Czech and Slovak country director told the Pravo newspaper that NUKIB has not yet provided evidence for its claims. But, nevertheless, Huawei wanted to solve the situation in “a friendly and open way,” Kedzia told the paper. “But if all other ways fail, we have no other choice and we have to defend ourselves,” he said in the interview.

Political opinion in the Czech state remains divided, as Prime Minister Andrej Babis is reported to have said earlier in January that cyber security should be debated at the European Union level. A notable point is that Huawei has been publicly backed by President Milos Zeman, who has long promoted close cooperation with China.

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