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HUAWEI CLOUD Launched EI Cluster Service and Industrial Intelligent Twins

By ET Bureau - September 18, 2019 1 Mins Read

On the first day of HUAWEI CONNECT 2019, Zheng Yelai, the president of Huawei Cloud Business Unit, delivered a speech titled “Crossing the Commercial Chasm – Building Inclusive AI”. He proposed four keys to successfully implementing AI and announced the official launch of the cutting-edge EI Cluster Service and Industrial Intelligent Twins.

Mr. Zheng commented, “Huawei have built full-stack, all-scenario AI solutions; it is now time to bring AI implementation to the next level. HUAWEI CLOUD will drive implementation forward. We will work with countless enterprises to bridge AI’s commercial chasm so that AI can benefit and bring intelligence to every industry.”

Global investors are enthusiastic about AI. Last year, Huawei proposed 3 major AI scenarios: repetitive, high-volume work; expert experience; and multi-domain collaboration. So far, HUAWEI CLOUD Enterprise Intelligence has been successfully applied to more than 500 projects in 10 industries, including urban management, manufacturing, healthcare, automobile, campus, and the Internet.

Mr. Zheng also commented that “to successfully implement AI, we must coordinate four key roles: clear business scenarios, ISVs/SIs, devices/processes, and AI platforms.”


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