HUAWEI CLOUD expands its product portfolio in Latin America, offering more than 10 new distributed cloud services, cloud native and big data

HUAWEI CLOUD expands its product portfolio in Latin America_ offering more than 10 new distributed cloud services_ cloud native and big data-01

Between Aug. 30 and Sept. 3, HUAWEI CLOUD will announce the launch of a series of new services in Latin America that span distributed cloud services, native cloud, big date, AI and video. These announcements are part of the event that the cloud service provider launched to celebrate its second anniversary in Latin America.

Among the upcoming cloud services to be announced are the following: Intelligent EdgeCloud (IEC), Intelligent EdgeFabric (IEF), KYON (Keep Your Own Network), FunctionGraph 2.0, Multi-Cloud Container Platform (MCP), Application Service Mesh (ASM), Container Guard Service (CGS), GaussDB database services, ModelArts Pro (enterprise AI development platform), CloudRTC (cloud-based real-time video service), plus a number of other live and on demand video (VOD).

These services, along with others that HUAWEI CLOUD already offers in Latin America, are intended to help customers across the continent simplify connections, implementation, data analysis, AI adoption and service implementation, as well as accelerate the digital transformation.

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Below is a brief introduction to some of these services.

  • Intelligent EdgeCloud (IEC) is an edge cloud solution that provides low latency coverage for areas with high concentrations. It supports traffic and latency sensitive applications such as live interactive broadcast, online education and video, which accelerates innovation at the edge.

  • Intelligent EdgeFabric (IEF) allows intelligent applications such as IA, IoT and intelligent data processing to be implemented at the edge. Leveraging the synergy between the edge and the cloud, IEF unifies the management of hundreds of thousands of edge locations and millions of applications, which accelerates smart upgrade across all industries.

  • Keep Your Own Network (KYON) is an enterprise cloud networking solution that enables companies to move data and workloads to the cloud easily and quickly, while maintaining their existing network. KYON also provides more secure and convenient cloud service support for businesses to quickly replicate and deploy services from their own premises.

  • Multi-Cloud Container Platform (MCP), Application Service Mesh (ASM) and Container Guard Service (CGS) are three new services that HUAWEI Cloud will launch in Latin America to help customers upgrade their native cloud infrastructure. MCP enables cross-cloud deployment of containerized applications without changes to your existing architecture; ASM provides codeless service governance and CGS provides container lifecycle security so customers in the internet, finance, manufacturing, transportation and more can rely on containers to deploy native cloud applications.

  • HUAWEI CLOUD FunctionGraph is a serverless computing and orchestration service that provides a comprehensive user portal for you to develop, manage and launch functions, view logs, and monitor metrics. You can take advantage of six common programming routines or create your own custom routine in FunctionGraph. The service supports more than 10 types of function enablers and a number of logging and monitoring features. Through continuous iteration, FunctionGraph 2.0 offers the following features:

– Functions with built-in states, which allow quick access to data while they are running.
– Level programming policies, with automatic scaling at the millisecond level to meet demand peaks and the cold start function at the 100 millisecond level.
– High-performance communication between functions via a high-speed bus.
– Complete lifecycle management for roles, optimized DevOps processes (including CloudIDE, continuous integration and continuous delivery), as well as a comprehensive role development platform for cloud-native development and debugging.

  • ModelArts Pro is a professional development package designed for enterprise-grade AI applications. The goal is to help companies develop AI more efficiently. With ModelArts Pro, industry developers can access a variety of easy-to-use AI application packages for the industry. These packages incorporate a wealth of powerful best practices and knowledge from algorithms and industry experts. In other words, ModelArts Pro is an AI workshop for industry developers. In this workshop, developers can easily build AI applications using the resources we offer. ModelArts Pro includes the OCR package, the NLP package, and the AI+RPA package, which many organizations have used to develop their own AI applications.

  • GaussDB (for openGauss) is a cloud-native enterprise-grade distributed database service. It can process high-concurrency transactions, complex queries, and hybrid transactional/analytical processing (HTAP) workloads. With innovative technologies and a fully parallel architecture, GaussDB (for openGauss) offers industry-leading performance and flexible scalability, with support for more than 1,000 nodes for a single instance.

    To ensure high availability, GaussDB (for openGauss) allows customers to deploy DB instances in different AZs (Availability Zones) within a region, ensuring zero data loss. In the case of a single failure in an AZ, an objective recovery time (RTO) of less than 10 seconds can be achieved. It also supports cross-regional DR support. GaussDB (for openGauss) ensures end-to-end encryption for data transmission, computation and storage, an industry-leading standard.

  • CloudRTC, along with a host of other audio and video services covering live streaming, VOD and media processing, offers a host of multimedia service features that integrate live TV, conferencing and interactive features for customers. These services can meet the needs of various industries such as education, office, entertainment, healthcare and finance. CloudRTC ensures a seamless video experience such as smooth video playback, high definition and ultra-low latency, even when network quality is less than ideal. It also features a unified architecture, simplified access enabled with just four lines of code, and more than 2,500 nodes worldwide, so global users can access content from the node closest to any carrier network. CloudRTC supports video4k and hundreds of millions of concurrent users. With edge-based codec and AI-assisted transfer rate control, video throughput can be reduced by 30% while providing the same user experience.

The HUAWEI CLOUD is constantly increasing investments in Latin America. Over the past year, it has launched a second region in Mexico and two new AZs in Brazil and Chile . To date, HUAWEI CLOUD and its partners have implemented 45 AZs in 23 regions around the world. In Latin America, HUAWEI CLOUD operates three main regions in Chile , Brazil and Mexico, and two regions across the country in Argentina and Peru , with eight AZs in total. HUAWEI CLOUD is committed to its goal of providing a reliable, efficient, low-latency cloud service experience for customers across the region.

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