HTC’s VIVE Sync VR app bridges the gap between the physical and virtual world with Agora’s real-time streaming

HTC’s VIVE Sync VR app bridges the gap between the physical and virtual-01

VIVE Sync’s unique meeting and collaboration solution includes VR, full-body avatars, an immersive 3D environment, access to the files on your PC, and powerful presentation tools in one package. These features all allow users to feel like they are in the same room, even when they are halfway around the world.

Real-time engagement is critical to supporting VIVE Sync’s natural working environment. Life-like interactivity plus customizable full-body avatars and detailed 3D environments create the feeling of physically being together with others. Users can also import, maneuver, and scale 3D objects inside meeting rooms for more engaging presentations. While other VR environments require all users to wear a headset to participate, VIVE Sync allows users to join from a phone, tablet, or laptop, allowing more people to participate in the shared working environment with or without access to a headset.

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Seamless connection between the virtual and physical worlds

VIVE Sync uses Agora to power real-time collaboration within the virtual environment. The VIVE team chose to partner with Agora based on the overall performance and versatility of the platform. The combination of VIVE Sync and the Agora Video SDK is the perfect hybrid collaboration tool, connecting both the virtual and physical worlds.

By integrating Agora’s Video SDK, VIVE Sync enables seamless remote collaboration between HTC VIVE users. Agora’s technology allows VR users to connect remotely to their computer without leaving the VR environment, so they can access and present files and applications as if they were sitting directly in front of the machine. The connection is so smooth and performs at such low latency that you can open a video chat application on the desktop and have it run smoothly and feel like a normal video conference. This means users can make calls from a virtual VIVE Sync meeting to people on other third-party video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, seamlessly connecting the VR space to the outside world.

“The Agora RTE solution is the platform needed to bridge the virtual and physical world, providing everyone a unique view into what’s happening within the virtual world and be able to interact with it. Its ease of use is an important piece of our innovation puzzle in creating meaningful human connections. Tapping Agora’s expertise in RTE brings that vital human element into spaces powered by AR and XR. By bringing this champion of RTE into the HTC VIVE ISV Partner Program, we are providing developers with a crucial piece of the innovation puzzle—human connection. As we look toward a future defined by VR and XR, we feel confident that with Agora beside us, we will continue to make our combined offerings increasingly accessible to all developers.”

By Cher Wang, CEO, HTC

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