HPe to Buy Cray to Increase Federal and Academia Footprint

HPe, Cray, Federal, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co is buying over supercomputer manufacturer Cray Inc., in a deal valued at about $1.30 billion, net of cash, Reuter reports. This is a strategy to help HPE increase its footprint in federal business and academia

The deal, expected to close by the first quarter of HPE’s fiscal year 2020, will also help HPe sell supercomputing products to its commercial clients.

Cray, a Seattle-headquartered manufacturing operation earned about 456 million in revenue in its last fiscal year and has about 1,300 employees worldwide. The capabilities are exactly what will add volume to HPe’s computing abilities. Cray’s supercomputing systems can handle massive computing operations, working with enormous data sets, converged modeling, simulation, artificial intelligence, and analytics workloads.

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