Hillstone Networks’ Microsegmentation Solution Gets a Big Upgrade with New Release of CloudHive

Hillstone Networks, Microsegmentation Solution, CloudHive, Enterprise Security and Risk Management solutions, cloud workload protection

Hillstone Networks, a leading provider of Enterprise Security and Risk Management solutions, released an upgrade to its micro-segmentation solution for cloud workload protection, Hillstone CloudHive. The new release provides more benefits, including extensive business visibility, fine-grained web access control, and a high-performance security service module for users who must achieve more strict and regulated security protection performance.

Highlights of this release:

  • Improve overall usability and operational efficiency
  • Deliver business visibility and monitoring with correlation analysis of inbound and outbound traffic of all protected virtual machines
  • Provide URL filtering to control the behavior of the virtual machines of accessing external HTTP services
  • Satisfy high-performance requirements with a new Security Service Module with triple IPS and AV performance and doubling sessions.

“The interaction between business systems in a virtual environment is complex and therefore, typically not easily visible,” said Tim Liu, CTO, and Co-Founder of Hillstone Networks. “Hillstone micro-segmentation solution, CloudHive, provides users with the visibility of not only the VMs, application or threat but also the relationship between services in the service chain. It empowers users to understand the internal posture of business operations and the ability to monitor the business health, identify responsibilities and improve overall troubleshooting efficiency.”

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