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Healthcare IT Solutions Provider, Comport, Shines a light on data hacking common vulnerabilities.

By ET Bureau - October 11, 2019 3 Mins Read

Healthcare IT Solutions Provider, Comport, Shines a light on data hacking common vulnerabilities.

Hacking is a huge concern in every industry, but it’s especially alarming in healthcare, where incidents can transform from costly annoyances to life-or-death situations. A proactive approach is essential but where do you start? BaaS Solutions Company, Comport, discusses how your medical facility can start tackling this issue with the top trending challenges they have seen in 2019.

There are common challenges faced by today’s healthcare facilities including:

  • Outdated Technology. As the pace of technological innovation advances, many healthcare facilities find themselves left in the dust. Upgrades require significant effort and outlay of funds so they are often put off but the failure to invest in these upgrades could prove devastating in terms of efficiency, agility, and most alarmingly, security. Outdated systems are far easier to breach, leaving organizations vulnerable to repeated attacks. Because of this, Comport is seeing more organizations invest in hybrid cloud, combining software-defined data center solutions (like the HPE Synergy Platform) with their current on-premise technology for a more agile environment.
  • Aging Applications. Many security gaps exist when healthcare organizations attempt to create integrations between aging applications and newer healthcare solutions. In 2019, Comport saw the rise of attacks due to the failure to correctly secure older applications with more focus being put on newer wireless healthcare technology and IoT connections. Keep in mind that aging applications can be an entry point for hackers.
  • Unreliable Data Storage. Data storage is a major point of contention for modern healthcare facilities because data is spiraling out of control and at the same time, hackers are targeting the industry for the sheer amount that a single healthcare record brings on the black market.

Comport has seen organizations continue to struggle with creating a secure data storage platform that still allows providers 24×7 access to the information they need. Organizations need to create a medical data management strategy that considers data storage, data archiving, and data availability while keeping an eye out for potential security concerns.

Healthcare facilities face a myriad of technology challenges, but they’re far from powerless. A variety of advanced solutions can be called upon to beef up healthcare security without adding a significant financial burden.

Today’s facilities would be wise to leverage as-a-service options, which can deliver a variety of solutions as needed to target organizations’ most urgent concerns. This approach also provides the proactive technological presence needed to stave off future attacks or other problems. Comport has seen significant investments in the healthcare industry for IaaS, DRaaS and BaaS Solutions.

Pay-as-you-go models are also trending with healthcare organizations, allowing you to pay only for services and infrastructure they actually use (the HPE Greenlake offering, in particular, is rising in popularity). This eliminates waste while still allowing facilities to take advantage of increased efficiency, and eventually, bottom-line improvements that modern IT solutions provider.


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