HCXI, INC, an AI, Blockchain, and Smart Contract Start-Up Files First US Patent for Autonomous Parametric Insurance Product

HCXI INC, AI, Blockchain, Parametric Insurance

HCXI, INC, an AI, and Blockchain-enabled InsurTech company is developing a system for the production, management, and exchange of parametric insurance and derivative products.

Parametric insurance is a type of insurance that issues a fixed payment upon the occurrence of an objective or triggering event. With the convergence of digitization, smart contracts, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and the rise in the availability of real-time data, the potential to reinvent the insurance industry has never been greater.

HCXI is building new models of insurance with more firmly defined claims payment parameters enabling their digitization and administration through the transparency benefits of blockchain. By pairing artificial intelligence and smart contracts with parametric insurance, risk-bearing entities can reinvent how existing offerings are delivered and significantly reduce frictional system costs. 35% of insurance premium payments are lost due to frictional costs in the system according to a 2015 McKinsey and Company study. Lack of transparency and agency are two key drivers behind frictional costs.  HCXI enabled risk products will significantly reduce these costs.

HCXI recently filed a US Patent for a new parametric insurance product to help curb the US’s $150 billion loss health care revenue and patient/provider engagement problems due to patient appointment no-shows. The no-show and late cancellation rates in the US range between 15-20%. The HCXI No-show offering will significantly lower this rate and reduce the need for health care companies to deploy questionable overbooking strategies and no-show fee assessments to compensate for lost revenue due to no-shows. The solution also addresses other pain points in the system and will help mitigate downstream medical cost claims.

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