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Hazelcast Announces Managed Service for Simplified Management of Multi-Cloud and Cloud-to-Edge Applications

By ET Bureau - April 01, 2020 3 Mins Read

Hazelcast, Multi-Cloud, Cloud-to-Edge Applications

Hazelcast, the leading in-memory computing platform, announced the availability of Hazelcast Cloud Enterprise on Amazon Web Services (AWS), a low-latency deployment of Hazelcast software as a managed service designed to improve the performance, security, and ease of management of cloud-based applications. Featuring built-in security and a cloud-agnostic architecture, Hazelcast Cloud Enterprise exceeds the speed, scale, security, and high-availability capabilities of existing commoditized cloud data store services today, especially for large-scale enterprise deployments.

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According to recent research1 in collaboration with Intel, IT decision-makers identified cloud application performance (40%) as the number one opportunity to unlock profits, with financial services (49%), telecommunications (42%) and e-commerce (40%) ranking it the highest among verticals surveyed. However, security (97%) and performance (90%) were cited as two of the top challenges when migrating to the cloud.

“Hazelcast Cloud Enterprise enables organizations to easily scale resources and deliver the performance necessary to support microservices and mission-critical business applications, especially those focused on enhancing the customer experience,” said Enes Akar, CTO for Hazelcast Cloud. “With the availability of Hazelcast Cloud Enterprise, we now offer simplicity, scalability, and freedom for organizations to develop their applications in a manner that can be deployed where they best serve the end-user, whether that is AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud or on-premises.”

In-Memory Computing as a Service
Hazelcast maintains both the software and cloud infrastructure, enabling rapid uptime and freeing customers to focus on developing innovative, business-critical applications. Hazelcast Cloud Enterprise runs the Hazelcast IMDG Enterprise HD edition, providing customers with advanced features that include high-density scale, over-the-wire encryption and replication/failover capabilities that safeguard against single-zone failures.

“While the financial model of the cloud is attractive, for many mission-critical applications it presents an unacceptable tradeoff due to the negative business impact of application performance degradation,” said Kelly Herrell, CEO of Hazelcast. “With Hazelcast Cloud Enterprise, customers now gain the winning combination of the cloud financial model coupled with the required application performance and maximum resilience for business continuity.”

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Beyond Single-Zone High Availability
Business continuity is dependent upon access to data, even during a hardware or network failure. To safeguard against potential outages and maintain high availability, Hazelcast IMDG offers both intra-cluster and WAN replication to create redundancy and avoid single points of failure. With WAN replication in the underlying software, Hazelcast Cloud Enterprise will soon enable businesses to replicate data across geographically dispersed locations, including multiple zones, multiple cloud vendors and on-premises data centers. The result is a reliable and simplified platform that shortens the development and deployment cycle for multi-cloud, hybrid cloud and cloud-to-edge applications.

Built-In Security
With data security being a never-ending battle, Hazelcast Cloud Enterprise features built-in security to safeguard against potential breaches. In addition to secure connectivity features in AWS, such as VPC Peering and PrivateLink, Hazelcast encrypts transmission between all nodes and connected clients to retain complete data privacy. Even Hazelcast administrators do not have access to any customer data.


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