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HawkSoft Partners with Rocket Referrals to Automate Maintaining Relationships with Insureds

By ET Bureau - August 05, 2020 2 Mins Read

HawkSoft Partners with Rocket Referrals to Automate Maintaining Relationships with Insureds

Agencies can automate activities that nurture long-term relationships with insureds, such as welcome letters, engaging at-risk clients, online review collection, and NPS® surveys

Successful independent agencies know that their best source of new business is their existing clients. This is a philosophy shared between HawkSoft and Iowa-based Rocket Referrals, a leader in managing and automating communications with insureds. Today, both companies are excited to announce that the Rocket Referrals suite of communication automation tools integrates with HawkSoft’s agency management system.

Agencies that use both systems can automatically sync client and policy data from HawkSoft to Rocket Referrals. Rocket Referrals is kept up to date on policy changes, new customers, and other key changes that can affect triggers and rules set in their smart automation workflows. For example, Rocket Referrals will automatically send handwritten welcome cards from the agency owner to every new customer added to HawkSoft. Among many other relationship-focused communications, Rocket Referrals can also quickly analyze an agency’s data to find customers most likely to cancel a policy and even help agencies collect more Google reviews from insureds likely to give one. This is all done without the extra work of double data entry, leaving the agency with more time to focus on serving their clients instead of manual back-office work.

“We believe that building an ecosystem of more connected systems and third-party vendors is one of the most important things the insurance industry can do to help agents be more successful. Rocket Referrals will continue to push the envelope and create new and more innovative ways for agents to connect with their customers. We’re excited to be a part of the HawkSoft Marketplace, which makes it even easier for agents to take advantage of our newest features,” says Torey Maerz, CEO and Co-founder of Rocket Referrals.

Paul Hawkins, CEO and Co-founder of HawkSoft, takes every opportunity to ensure his company knows that the insurance industry is all about relationships. “Technology doesn’t mean you remove the personal relationship from being an independent agent,” Paul Hawkins noted. “It means we can leverage automation to give our customers more time for the important work of relationship building and advising their insureds.”


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