HappyFox Announces Integration With Asana, Enabling Customer Support and Project Teams to Collaborate Faster

HappyFox Announces Integration With Asana_ Enabling Customer Support and Project Teams to Collaborate Faster

HappyFox, Inc. – a leader in help desk and customer support software – is proud to announce the integration of HappyFox Help Desk with Asana. This integration helps project and support teams collaborate seamlessly with each other and resolve customer issues quickly.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold, companies are resorting to work-from-home policies, causing a change in the way they collaborate. To provide excellent customer service during these tough times, HappyFox’s integration with Asana helps support agents to collaborate effectively with other teams in the organization.

“As support teams focus on delivering quality customer service, they sometimes struggle to collaborate with other teams in the organization,” said Shalin Jain, CEO of HappyFox, Inc. “This integration with Asana, along with the powerful feature set of HappyFox Help Desk, will allow support teams to reduce the time they spend on collaborating with project teams on external channels, so they can focus on helping customers.”

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According to IDC, by 2024 enterprises with collaborative work environments will see 30% lower staff turnover, 30% increased productivity, and 30% higher revenue per employee than their peers. HappyFox’s integration with Asana sets the framework for efficient cross-functional collaboration across teams.

With the HappyFox Help Desk and Asana integration, organizations can,

– Keep everyone in the loop: With real-time updates between HappyFox and Asana, support agents will be able to swiftly resolve incoming support requests.

 Improve organization-wide productivity: HappyFox Help Desk customers can now view, create, and update Asana tasks directly in HappyFox, without having to change workflows or switch windows.

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– Faster ticket resolution: According to HappyFox’s internal benchmark, customers who use an integrated project management software experience a 30% faster first response time. This means support teams can resolve tickets faster and can handle a larger volume of tickets efficiently.