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Groundbreaking Technology Start-Up RelyOn Health Tackles National Healthcare Pricing Transparency

By ET Bureau - June 12, 2019 2 mins read

Across the nation, politicians and the public alike are calling for initiatives designed to curb medical spending, improve industry pricing disclosures and increase consumer control in the healthcare industry. Growing start-up RelyOn Health, with a powerhouse team of proven innovators in the healthcare market, is answering the call for healthcare pricing transparency — using technology.

According to co-founder and CEO Blake Squires, RelyOn Health offers industry-leading value to both patients and providers.

“Many healthcare providers are forced to turn a doctor-patient relationship into a debtor-collector relationship because patients don’t have transparent information upfront,” Squires explained. “RelyOn Health is designed to marry consumerism with pricing transparency, which means patients can understand true costs before healthcare events, and healthcare providers can get paid — on time — while still using their own scheduling and billing systems.”

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The RelyOn Health technology integrates medical codes and orders with patient-specific insurance information, so partners see increases in the pace of receiving revenue, fewer last-minute cancellations, decreased rates of collections and write-offs, and significantly more in-full payments, shared Squires.

Leaders at Stride Health, based in Dallas, agree. “RelyOn has figured out how to actually predict a patient’s true cost prior to service — a game-changer for our industry — and their payment plus patient communication tools significantly reduce bad debt,” said Dr. Jaryd Stein, M.D. “They are a crucial partner for any healthcare provider.”

Though healthcare practices and facilities are finding substantial value in RelyOn Health, patients are the real winners. “Most importantly, patients have the power. They know the actual cost of the healthcare event, so they can choose where, when or even if it happens,” shared Squires. “Plus, RelyOn Health gives multiple payment options, allowing for easy planning or financing. With this solution, patients can be in control — and get the care they need.”

According to its leadership team, RelyOn Health is currently collaborating with several large healthcare systems, physician groups and ambulatory surgery centers.

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