GrayMatter’s empowerGUARD Supercharges Cybersecurity at Network Edge

GrayMatter, empowerGUARD, Cybersecurity, Network Edge
GrayMatter's empowerGUARD Supercharges Cybersecurity at Network Edge

Few expect to find inspiration while peering into a computer network server closet overcrowded with proprietary, single-purpose devices.

But that’s what sparked GrayMatter Cybersecurity Solutions experts Scott Christensen and Tom Walker to develop empowerGUARD — a new, all-in-one cybersecurity appliance from GrayMatter.

empowerGUARD combines the power of multiple cybersecurity solutions into a single, pre-validated installation operating at the network edge.

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“It really lines up with our mission of helping operational technology professionals eliminate network vulnerabilities, guard against active threats and control any virtualized program they want at the edge,” said GrayMatter Cybersecurity Lead Scott Christensen.

The features of GrayMatter’s empowerGUARD break down into offensive and defensive capabilities.


Scalable, tested cybersecurity that learns as it scans IoT and Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) networks to detect threats and alert the right people, in the right place at the right time


Deploys micro-segmentation, encryption, and asset cloaking to provide control and reduce attack surfaces

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Current use cases for empowerGUARD include:

  • Protecting a multi-campus university’s Building Automation & Control Network, which provides smart building analytics and controls;
  • Operating energy management and metering tools that a major energy producer uses to improve efficiency;
  • Enabling remote monitoring and control at a natural gas company’s production substations
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