Google Cloud Support Now Available On Crunchy Bridge

Google Cloud Support Now Available on Crunchy Bridge

Crunchy Data, the leading provider of trusted open source PostgreSQL, is proud to announce the addition of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to its list of providers supported on Crunchy Bridge.

The fully managed Postgres service, which launched last year with availability on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, was developed to fill the need of a more sophisticated, fully managed, database service and focuses on bringing the power of Postgres to all developers.

The new support for Google Cloud Platform allows users to provision a production-ready PostgreSQL database in a matter of minutes. Users also have the ability to replicate across the cloud vendor they prefer.

Workloads running on AWS today are often expected to run on GCP tomorrow. While migrating stateful systems typically requires much effort, Crunchy Bridge takes care of this for organizations with its cross-cloud support. Teams can spin up a replica with the click of a button-and failover to it under control.

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Support for Google Cloud Platform brings all the other features and benefits of Crunchy Bridge including:

  • Built-in backups and disaster recovery
  • Encryption at rest and in transit
  • Multi-AZ high availability
  • Rich set of extensions including PL/Python and PL/R
  • Full super user access

“Support for GCP was our most requested feature since we launched Crunchy Bridge. Developer demand for a production-ready PostgreSQL service on Google Cloud was clear, and we felt it was important to meet developers where they are,” said SVP of Bridge Craig Kerstiens. “With Google Cloud winning more hearts and minds, we wanted to meet them there with the database that has also won over so many: Postgres.”

Crunchy Bridge sits alongside Crunchy Data’s leading Postgres technology including: Crunchy PostgreSQL for Kubernetes, a cloud-native Postgres solution built with PGO, the Crunchy Postgres Operator, that enables on-demand and production ready Postgres on Kubernetes; and Crunchy HA PostgreSQL, a powerful “always on” clustered Postgres solution for VM based environments featuring advanced automation for deployment and maintenance.  With Crunchy Data, enterprises now have the ultimate choice in Postgres management and ability to modernize their data infrastructure for modern applications.

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