Global Research Finds New Challenges in Cloud Data Protection

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Barracuda, a cloud-enabled security and networking solutions provider, has released key findings from a global research study titled: Closing Backup and Recovery Gaps.  The report says multi-cloud and multi-site environments have resulted in most technology teams having to maintain multiple assets. In the survey, 57% of respondents said they had to ensure backing up more than two sites for their organization, while 7% of respondents manage backups for more than 26 sites.

“When you combine this data with the new push for multi-cloud deployments, it’s clear the simpler days of companies managing a single site and on-premises architecture are a thing of the past. This makes remote management a key consideration for any backup and recovery solution, to help save valuable IT time and effort during day-to-day tasks and urgent recovery efforts,” the report said.

The most common type of data backups are for Databases (91%), email (68%) and proprietary application data (62%)  on a regular basis but, the report stated that for enterprises, everything seems to be “mission critical.” Two more areas where data backup is very active are multimedia data, (37%) and back up research and development data (28%). Even though the cloud has proved its security capabilities, more than half of the respondents did not plan to migrate on-premise services to the cloud

“However, of some concern is about the small number of respondents (16%) wanting to back up their SaaS data. This inaction is putting their business continuity at risk,” the report said.