Global Agencies Team Up with Netlify to Bring Modern Websites and Web Applications to Businesses, Powered by the Jamstack

Global Agencies Team Up with Netlify to Bring Modern Websites and Web Applications to Businesses_ Powered by the Jamstack

Enabled by Netlify’s platform, global digital agencies are growing their practices with expertise in modern tools and workflows

Netlify, pioneer of the modern Jamstack web architecture, today announced the Netlify Agency Partner program, enabling digital agencies to build better web experiences and grow their practice with modern Jamstack tools and workflows. Dozens of global agencies have already teamed up with Netlify to deliver transformative digital experiences to their customers, including AKQA, Appnovation, Bejamas, Deloitte Digital, Fostr, Matter Supply, Mediacurrent, Proximity, Therefore and We Make Websites.

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Having the expertise to deliver performant, scalable and secure web projects using modern technologies is critical for agencies to retain and grow their digital business. Agencies, consultancies and system integrators rely on Netlify—as the leader in the rapidly emerging Jamstack web ecosystem—to support the full lifecycle of their client engagements. Netlify’s platform helps them achieve greater development productivity from the start through its seamless workflows, to be agile and responsive to change throughout the project, and to deliver performant, dynamic digital experiences on its multi-cloud edge network.

Agency Partners have already enabled their clients to accelerate time to market and save money at scale by moving critical web properties to the Jamstack. Proximity led Klepierre, a European leader in shopping centers, to deploy 98 sites in 6 months, while minimizing infrastructure costs and maximizing performance.

Partners benefit from working with Netlify in the following ways:

  • Generate new business opportunities: Gain exposure and expertise in the growing Jamstack ecosystem by working alongside Netlify, the company at the center of the modern web with more than one million developers and businesses that have joined Netlify’s platform so far. Netlify collaborates directly with client-facing teams to provide resources and support during new business meetings and client engagements.
  • Increase development velocity and gain efficiencies: Simplify web development and complete projects faster, while using tools and frameworks developers enjoy. Netlify removes the need to manage infrastructure for agencies and their clients, and agencies can manage multiple clients in one account.
  • Exceed client expectations: Set new standards for performance, uptime, and cost-savings in every project by embracing the Jamstack web architecture and adopting the latest development best practices.

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Depending on the engagement model, Agency Partners are eligible to receive dedicated account managers and access to the partner team, co-selling support, promotional opportunities, early access to new features, exclusive access to the Partner Hub and Slack, technical workshops, webinars, and more.

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