GigaSpaces Announces Version 16.0 with Breakthrough Data Integration Tools to Ease Enterprises’ Digital Transformation Challenges

GigaSpaces Announces Version 16.0 with Breakthrough Data Integration Tools to Ease Enterprises' Digital Transformation Challenges

GigaSpaces, the leading provider of in-memory computing technology that drives enterprise digital transformation and powers innovation, announced today the general availability of GigaSpaces 16.0, the latest version to advance its flagship products, Smart Cache and Smart Digital Integration Hub (DIH). As digital transformation efforts accelerate across industries, GigaSpaces remains committed to delivering best-in-class solutions for its customers and version 16.0 offers a broad set of new features and enhancements, including advanced integration capabilities that drive faster time-to-value.

As data integration challenges are slowing down enterprises that are looking to accelerate applications and launch new digital services, GigaSpaces is investing in advanced data integration tools that can serve both caching layers as well as digital integration hubs.

In this release, key updates and new features focus on reducing integration complexity, driving significant performance improvement and delivering first-rate customer experience. Updates include:

Advanced Data Integration Tools

  • Data gateway: Features the Postgres wire protocol that guarantees seamless integration with any business intelligence (BI) tool, such as Power BI and Tableau. The lightweight client enablement offers simpler integration and faster time-to-value and can scale on demand to support increasing workload.
  • Superior Kubernetes Support: Aligned with industry standard continuous integration / continuous delivery (CI/CD) practices, the update allows support for docker-based processing unit deployments via Kubernetes microservices design patterns, with processing unit deploy and undeploy options available via Kubernetes API. Additionally, the product is now fully integrated with OpenShift 4.4+ and supported topologies include on-prem, cloud, hybrid and multi-cloud deployments.
  • Redesigned SQL Engine: The Apache Calcite SQL engine with Postgres wire protocol support eliminates the need to compromise between simplicity and performance and offers low latency leveraging a redesigned query execution and a new query optimization.

Enterprise Grade Capabilities

  • General Performance Improvements: Users can expect a performance improvement of up to 50 percent without any code or configuration change. The new update brings significant under-the-hood performance improvements around serialization overhead reduction, faster user object creation, and faster ID-based workload processing.
  • Local Data Persistence: With improved resiliency and performance with a built-on local data persistence, data is now automatically saved to a local persistent data store. In case of a disaster, there is no need to perform a full re-sync with the system of record, which can be a time consuming process. Instead, after restart the data will be automatically restored from the locally persistent data store.
  • Intelligent Data Tiering: This capability balances cost and performance by automatically placing hot data in RAM, and warm data on SSD. The SSD implementation includes a B-tree index for fast lookup and for maintaining the ACID properties of the space. Tiered storage now features reduced RAM footprint, as well as warm tier that is optimized for SQL queries to support BI also on warm tiers.

“As businesses strive for innovation and build on their digital services and offerings, it is our duty to ensure that the technology to support these efforts reflects our customers’ continuously evolving needs,” said Yuval Dror, VP of Research and Development at GigaSpaces. “Through implementing these updates, we were able to further build on the capabilities and services we offer, and the release of version 16.0 is the next step in delivering our clients the most innovative solutions to simplify digital transformation efforts, and address current and future industry needs.”

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