Genuitec Announces Server Sharing & SAP ABAP Support in CodeTogether 4.1

Genuitec Announces Server Sharing _ SAP ABAP Support in CodeTogether 4.1-01

Genuitec introduces support for SAP ABAP with the release of CodeTogether 4.1. Compatible with Eclipse using ABAP Development Tools or VS Code using the ABAP extension, CodeTogether 4.1 lets the host live share code that resides on the SAP NetWeaver server and allows clients to remotely activate programs.

“Many enterprises run on SAP platforms, so adding ABAP support to CodeTogether is a natural progression. This support will be of particular interest to our on-premises customers who can now offer live sharing to all of their developers,” said Todd Williams, VP of Technology at Genuitec.

In this release Genuitec also revolutionized local server live sharing, bringing this capability to all supported IDEs. Teams collaborating on web applications can now test apps without externally deploying them, speeding up the development cycle. This flexible new feature also allows developers to relay remote debug sessions, database connections or web sockets.

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“No developer wants to have to paint a word picture when sharing progress on an app with colleagues. With local server sharing in CodeTogether, they simply provide a URL for their application in development. Instant remote feedback with a single click is invaluable to our customers,” said Tim Webb, VP of Operations at Genuitec.

CodeTogether delivers host-based language intelligence to guests in a coding session for excellent content assist and validation. Leveraging this unique architecture allows Genuitec to continue to add enhancements that make the coding experience seamless for all guests in a session. CodeTogether 4.1 adds remote refactoring, allowing guests to remotely rename symbols and classes, with changes reflected across all participants in the coding session.

This same host-based intelligence also provides a nice selection of navigational aids for guests in a coding session. An already impressive list continues to grow with a workspace-wide search, and the ability to jump to types and symbols, regardless of the IDE or browser used to join the session.

Genuitec offers CodeTogether On-Premises for companies that require their code to remain behind the firewall at all times for the maximum in security and adherence to internal policies. You can deploy CodeTogether On-Premises using Docker, Kubernetes, or Red Hat OpenShift. New to 4.1 is the ability to deploy as a Kubernetes pod through a Helm chart, simplifying the setup process. Management of on-premises deployments is now even easier with the introduction of automated CodeTogether updates for all client IDEs.

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