Gaviti Launches New Automated Accounts Receivables Collection Platform For Large and Medium Enterprises

Gaviti Launches New Automated Accounts Receivables Collection Platform For Large and Medium Enterprises

Gaviti, the leader in automated A/R collections, announces today a new platform that automates the accounts receivables collection platform for large and medium enterprises. The SaaS platform creates a more efficient collection procedure and increases company cash flow.

Today many companies are still manually collecting funds from outstanding invoices, which is a tedious and inefficient process, wasting company time that could be spent more productively.

The account receivables department faces an enormous challenge each day collecting payments for outstanding invoices from customers. Gaviti’s automated A/R collections platform mitigates these issues by creating a streamlined workflow for accounts receivables, creating better communication with customers, reducing reserves, and improving DSO by 30%.

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“Collecting payments from outstanding invoices is a pain point that any enterprise faces today – no matter the company size,” says Yan Lazarev, Founder & CEO of Gaviti. “Gaviti streamlines the entire collections process from AI-based insights predicting when customers will make a payment to providing the collections platform to facilitate payment for invoices. Gaviti creates a smooth and easy process so that the customer relationships are protected throughout the entire procedure.”

The Gaviti SaaS platform can integrate with any company ERP system and easily adapts to company workflow, so that customers can continue to use the same financial system they used before. The entire payment process – from creating the invoice until payment – takes place in the Gaviti automated A/R collections platform.

Additionally, the platform provides enterprises with an app dashboard that delivers real-time metrics, email reminders, customer payment forecasting, and can predict future cash flow.

The Gaviti platform uses sophisticated AI and smart algorithms to create a prediction model of invoice payment based on past customer behaviors so that companies can have more accurate insights into future cash flow.

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