Fungible Data Centers: Hyperscale Infrastructure For All

Fungible Data Centers Hyperscale Infrastructure for All

Fungible Inc., a pioneer in data-centric computing, today unveiled the Fungible Data Center™, a multi-tenant, secure data center solution that transforms data centers from rigid, complex and expensive silos into simple, highly efficient and on-demand powerhouses.

With the immediate availability of Fungible Data Centers, Fungible realizes a multi-year vision of bringing to market hyperdisaggregated, composable infrastructure that delivers bare-metal performance at the cost efficiencies and simplicity of hyperscale data centers.

“At Fungible, we believe that if we build a solution that addresses the most challenging requirements in data centers – specifically, hyperscale data centers running the most data-intensive applications, then data centers of all scales, on-premise or cloud, core to edge will reap the benefits as well,” said Pradeep Sindhu, CEO and Co-Founder of Fungible.

“Leveraging the Fungible Data Processing Unit (DPU), we were able to ‘hyperdisaggregate’ compute and storage resources providing performance, scale and cost efficiencies not even achievable by hyperscalers.

Today, we deliver the ‘composable’ piece with the first incarnation of Fungible Data Centers, fully managed by the innovative Fungible Data Center Composer software.”

The Fungible Data Center Composer software is developed internally, accelerated through the recent acquisition of Cloudistics.

“The Fungible Data Center Composer is developed by fully harnessing the powerful capabilities of the Fungible DPU,” said Dr. Srinidhi Varadarajan, Senior Vice President of Solutions at Fungible. “The result is a data center architecture that is simple, flexible, high performance and secure. We believe the Fungible Data Center is the inevitable way to build infrastructure because it dynamically adapts to changing workload conditions, while delivering performance equivalent to that of a custom designed bare metal data center per workload.”

The Fungible Data Center is a comprehensive, turn-key solution comprising:

  • Standard compute and GPU* servers equipped with the Fungible Data Services Platform – a standard full-height, half-length PCIe card powered by a Fungible S1 DPU. The Fungible Data Services Platform card comes at three performance points: 200G, 100G and 50G
  • Fungible Storage Cluster comprising a cluster of Fungible FS1600 scale-out disaggregated storage nodes, each powered by two Fungible F1 DPUs
  • Standard TOR switches and routers for data, BMC and management
  • Fungible Data Center Composer – a centralized software suite that enables bare metal composition, provisioning, management and orchestration of infrastructure at all scales

“Intelligent infrastructure with integrated machine learning is changing what is possible for IT teams and the businesses they support,” said Scott Sinclair, senior analyst at ESG. “To maximize intelligent infrastructure’s potential to accelerate digital initiatives, however, it must be programmable. Composable infrastructure represents a foundational technology that has the potential to deliver the programmable, autonomous IT infrastructure future that businesses need.”

Targeting next wave service providers, enterprises, research labs and universities, the Fungible Data Center aims to empower innovative companies around the world with hyperscale-like benefits including:

  • Simplified IT – Management of multi-tenant, secure data centers via a single pane of glass management
  • Agile IT – Deployment and redeployment to handle workload changes and hot spots in minutes
  • Bare Metal Performance – Market-leading bare-metal performance for data-centric and performance-sensitive applications enabled by fully offloading data-centric I/O processing to the Fungible DPU
  • Massive Scalability – Scales from half a rack to hundreds of racks to handle the most complex data center deployments
  • Unrivaled Economics – Just-in-time composition of independent compute, storage, network, and GPU resources optimizes consumption to exactly meet workload requirements with no wastage. Composable, hyperdisaggregated architecture reduces server SKUs to a minimal set, gaining economies of scale and management simplicity
  • Bullet-proof Security – Independent hardware-accelerated security domains, fine-grained segmentation, robust QoS and line-rate encryption

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“AsiaPac, a subsidiary of M1 Limited, prides ourselves in staying at the forefront of delivering innovative next-generation infrastructure that is adaptable to today’s fast-paced environment, said Andrew Cheng, Managing Director, AsiaPac. “We are very impressed with the holistic approach that Fungible has taken to deliver on so many important vectors. Gaining access to this type of technology enables us to reimagine our value-add to customers.”

“We’ve identified the bottlenecks within our existing distributed infrastructure architectures. To achieve our desired system efficiency targets we are looking to new hardware approaches that better support our infrastructure processing stacks,” said Brad Settlemyer, Sr. Scientist in Los Alamos’ HPC Design group. “The co-design of software and hardware to support data services and data analysis is integral to meeting our efficiency targets and advancing our national security mission.”

Fungible is also in strategic partnerships with key OEMs to deliver first-class worldwide deployment, support and training.

“As a global leader delivering high performance, high-efficiency server technology, we are excited to collaborate with Fungible to bring to market the Fungible Data Center — a multi-tenant, on-demand, secure data center solution,” said Eric Sindelar, general manager, Operations and Advanced Technology Development, Supermicro.

“Juniper Networks exists to provide an experience-first network for our customers and to simplify the complexities of modern networking so organizations of all sizes can focus on innovating and moving their businesses forward,” said Raj Yavatkar, CTO, Juniper Networks. “We are excited to be working with Fungible to deliver the Fungible Data Center solution.

The combination of Juniper and Fungible technology enables consistent quality of service and the high performance required of today’s cloud data centers without creating more workflows and layers of technology to manage. Organizations can now have a super easy operational experience currently relegated to the world of hyperscalers.”

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