From D2D2T to F2F2X: Huawei proposed a new perspective for backup storage

From D2D2T to F2F2X Huawei proposed a new perspective for backup storage-01

 At Huawei Connect 2021, Huawei proposed a new perspective for the backup storage revolution: the shift from D2D2T (disk to disk to tape) to F2F22X (USB stick to memory USB to everything). This trend is already being highlighted, as evidenced by the adoption of USB memory-based primary storage accelerating various data center and workload environments.

Data is the new treasure in the digital age, and we are now seeing an evolution where primary storage on fixed hard drives is being replaced by USB memory-based technologies. However, while primary storage has already been moved to USB sticks, the entire storage infrastructure, especially protection technology, remains outdated. The D2D2T format was introduced 15 years ago, making it insufficient to solve new problems:

  • Increasing the amount of critical application data creates a larger backup window, which is a great challenge for all organizations
  • When a system failure occurs, it is more important for customers to restore data as quickly as possible, but with old technology, recovery time is long and unpredictable.
  • Workloads run around the clock, when backup work fails during processing, the operations and maintenance engineer might get up at midnight to restart it, or do it during working hours, which would normally have an impact negative on the performance of the production system.

Now we need the revolution from D2D2T to F2F2X. To facilitate this change, we must greatly improve the performance of backup storage. For example, to ensure a lower recovery time objective (RTO) and instant restore for data reuse, we definitely need to improve recovery performance. As the industry develops, we must consider how data can be securely stored on third-party platforms, such as an organization’s public or private cloud, as well as disk-, tape- and blue-ray-based systems, “he said. Mr. Michael Fan , Director of Data Storage Solutions Sales Department at Huawei Enterprise BG.

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Huawei is a pioneer in many industry trends and insights, and is aware that the F2F2X will redefine dedicated backup storage as a USB stick-based system, and will facilitate new opportunities for large enterprises. Huawei’s OceanProtect Backup Storage is designed for the future and offers the following 4 benefits:

  • Fast backup and recovery: As a USB memory stick, OceanProtect offers industry-fast performance, while ensuring predictable backup and recovery time window.
  • Built-in algorithms: Variable-length inline deduplication, compression, and compaction provide the highest data reduction in the industry.
  • Innovation: Huawei invests in and patents the best technologies in the USB memory storage industry, making the systems the most robust on the planet.
  • Openness: Huawei’s solutions are designed to adapt new ecosystems, such as containers, big data, and cloud backups, to grow together with our customers.

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