Fovia Ai to Showcase Expansion of XStream® aiCockpit®, XStream® aiPlatform™, and F.A.S.T.® AI Workflows at Virtual RSNA

Fovia Ai to Showcase

Interactive Exhibit Will Offer Live Expert Presentations, Product and Partner Demos, and More

Fovia Ai, Inc., a subsidiary of Fovia, Inc., a world leader in advanced visualization for nearly two decades and a preeminent provider of zero-footprint, cloud-based imaging SDKs, today announced that it will be showcasing the continued expansion of its artificial intelligence product portfolio together with Fovia’s advanced imaging solutions at the first Virtual Radiology Society of North America (RSNA) Conference, November 29 – December 5.

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RSNA attendees will be able to:

  • Explore vendor-neutral, AI-enabled advanced visualization via XStream® aiCockpit® and XStream® aiPlatform™ and see how Fovia Ai technology enables radiologists and clinicians to efficiently access, interact with, and modify AI results directly within their existing workflows.
  • Examine demonstrations of partner integrations that transform AI algorithm results into interactive visualizations, expediting the availability of AI-assisted clinical applications in PACS and other hospital systems.
  • Learn about F.A.S.T.® AI Workflows, a flexible class of web-based components that plug into XStream aiCockpit enabling rapid review (accept/reject/modify) of AI results, real-time interaction of results through F.A.S.T.® Interactive AI, automatic forwarding of results to PACS and the clinical reporting system, and local validation and retraining. See AI visualization workflows.
  • Watch an RSNA-sponsored, multi-vendor interoperability demonstration, Imaging AI in Practice, showcasing XStream aiCockpit integrated into real-world diagnostic radiology workflows.
  • Attend two, live informational sessions:
    • Join cloud-imaging expert David Wilkins on Tuesday, December 1, from 11:30am – 12:00pm CST to learn how companies can quickly create zero-footprint visualization applications that are accessible from any web-enabled browser. Webinar: Cloud-enable your Imaging Products
    • Join industry veteran Kevin Kreeger, Ph.D. on Wednesday, December 2, from 11:30am – 12:00pm CST to learn how Fovia Ai is transforming radiology by providing meaningful access to AI workflows. Webinar: Anatomy of an AI Workflow
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