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FORESEE MCP Products Employ Stacked Packaging for Improved Performance, Reduced Power Consumption, and a Superior User Experience

By ET Bureau - May 11, 2021 3 Mins Read

FORESEE MCP Products Employ Stacked Packaging for Improved Performance_ Reduced Power Consumption_ and a Superior User Experience

FORESEE, a technology-based storage brand of Longsys, recently launched its NAND-based MCP and eMCP products, which use Flash and LPDDR stacked packaging. This method of packaging saves PCB space, simplifies cable routing, and meets customer demand for miniature electronic products.

MCP is a hybrid packaging technology that utilizes vertical stacking. It can dramatically reduce the footprint of storage devices in electronic products, reduce power consumption, and improve the standby capabilities of electronic products.

As a high-end technology-based storage brand, FORESEE remains focused on scientific research and development and produces its own MCP products thanks to continuous innovation. Among these MCP products, the most commonly seen is the NAND-based MCP that is applied to miniature electronic products such as feature phones and sports bands, as well as the eMCP that is applied to mobile phones and tablets.

The NAND-based MCP boasts low power consumption, with a 1.8V core voltage that can meet the long standby time requirements of wearable electronics and the Internet of Things (IoT). It comes in various capacities including 1Gb+1Gb, 2Gb+1Gb, 2Gb+2Gb, and 4Gb+2Gb, thereby meeting the varying capacity requirements of customers.

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During the design and production of the FORESEE eMCP, eMMC and LPDDR were packaged together, thus simplifying the PCB design and reducing the storage footprint.

As an emblematic micro storage product of FORESEE, the eMCP features high performance and low power consumption and provides users with fast and stable storage, long standby times, and an improved electronic product user experience.

The FORESEE eMCP is mainly applied to mainstream platforms, including Spreadtrum, Amlogic, Qualcomm, and RK, and has established stable and long-term strategic cooperation relationships with other platforms. The FORESEE eMCP also performs well during actual application.

It provides functions such as initial data acceleration, power failure protection, and firmware backup to ensure smooth system operation and data storage security, and also supports online firmware upgrades.

With FORESEE’s online firmware upgrade service, customers can dramatically reduce after-sales maintenance difficulties and costs and achieve higher use efficiency.

The FORESEE eMCP provides global customers with capacity options of 16GB+4Gb, 16GB+8Gb, 16GB+16Gb, 32GB+16Gb, 32GB+24Gb, and 64GB+24Gb, which can meet the storage capacity requirements of all mainstream products.

Both the NAND-based MCP and eMCP illustrate FORESEE’s strength in technology and innovation. Such innovation and R&D-based spirit ensures that FORESEE will continue to develop and have a place in the technical storage industry.

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