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Forcura Launches New Analytics Platform

By ET Bureau - March 06, 2020 2 Mins Read

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Forcura’s post-acute care customers can now quickly assess the operational and financial health of their organization on key metrics and course-correct for performance improvement through the use of its new product, Forcura Analytics. As the post-acute industry moves towards a value-based, regulatory economy, timely business intelligence is critical.

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Until now, post-acute providers have been challenged to produce actionable business intelligence for workflow outside of the EHR because that data is often housed in different systems. With Forcura Analytics, management teams are able to access the information needed to see referral volume trends, identify workflow bottlenecks, and accelerate the return of held revenues. They will also be equipped to monitor staff performance at the individual- or location-level. Armed with these insights, providers can proactively adjust processes or staff roles based on historical trends and implement best practices within a location or across an enterprise.

“Our launch of Analytics offers operational and financial intelligence to our clients to optimize people, processes and how they are using our technology. Empowering better patient care is why Forcura was founded,” stated Forcura CEO, Craig Mandeville, “and the performance insights now in the hands of our clients allows them to ensure safe and continuous care.”

This initial version of Forcura Analytics equips clients to monitor operations, isolate actions for workflow, and plan against recognized trends with eight key performance insights reports. Clients can use the analytics platform to drill-down and quickly assess key referrals and orders management indicators, as well as staff performance metrics.

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“Forcura has a long-standing track record of responding to market forces and client requests for product enhancements,” adds Forcura’s Chief Strategy Officer, Annie Erstling. “Analytics is a key part of our strategic product plan. With the move to PDGM and the long-term prospect of value-based care, our clients need access to sophisticated data in an easily consumed format at their fingertips. With Forcura Analytics, providers can make smarter decisions and be more competitive with insights into workflows, accounts receivable and staff performance. They can take immediate corrective action and build more efficient business models for the future.”


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