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Flying Cloud Technology Announces Strategic Partnership with Wireless Guardian

By ET Bureau - May 26, 2020 2 Mins Read

Flying Cloud Technology, Wireless Guardian

Flying Cloud Technology announces it has entered into an OEM relationship with Wireless Guardian. Wireless Guardian is the world’s first forward-facing human threat detection system and the most effective investigative security solution for today’s high-tech environment. Providing protection to patrons and facilities, Wireless Guardian tracks both security and pandemic threats up to a mile outside the facility’s perimeter.

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“Flying Cloud is extremely happy to enter into this strategic partnership with Wireless Guardian.  We feel that this partnership will showcase the incredible strengths of both companies.  Wireless Guardian will be an invaluable data source that is fed into and analyzed by Flying Cloud.  This data will allow our joint customers to not only detect someone entering their facility with temperature, but with our patented AI models, we can clearly show where they went in a facility and show who they were in contact with.  Flying Cloud is now the only company that can track both the user and the data that they interact with,” said Brian Christian, CEO of Flying Cloud Technology.

Only OpticPoint can take the feed from any security device and provide complete user, data, and asset tracking.  For example, we can show you when a user enters the facility, what his current body temperature is, who the user has interacted with, and when the user departed the facility.  This tracking is of the utmost importance.

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OpticPoint implements the best of breed technologies in a unique hybrid approach by incorporating data forensics and UEBA combined with its patented AI methodology. This gives customers high-fidelity visibility into both data at rest and data in motion.  This provides complete actionable intelligence into all activities by both the creators and consumers of the critical data.


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